We are a group of scientists, community members, environmental organizations, surfers, and beach workers dedicated to a better understanding of the habits and habitats of beach-spawning grunion, Leuresthes tenuis.

Grunion June 2014

Level W-5 (Walker scale) Grunion Run, June 16, 2014, near Malibu, CA.

Only 2% of runs are categorized by W-5, meaning thousands of fish on shore at one time, over an extensive area of the beach, at peak levels for over one hour.


We have completed a short documentary, "Surf, Sand, and Silversides: the California Grunion." Here are the trailers.

Total running time of the documentary is 25 minutes. It has been the official selection for several film festivals, including the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival, Huntington Beach SoCal Film Festival, and the Toronto Beaches Film Festival. Awards include sound editing, International Wildlife Film Festival, and award of excellence for script from the Best Shorts Competition, and best short documentary from the Los Angeles City Cinema Festival.

National Geographic posted a video about the grunion using some of our footage.  See it here.


San Diego beach grunion run, June, 2013, photo by Bryan Liscinsky

News and Stories

San Diego beach grunion run, June, 2013, photo by Bryan Liscinsky

2010 Updates (last season)

In 2010, for the ninth year, over 550 adventurous citizen scientists observed the California Grunion's intimate activities on beautiful sandy beaches during the most ideal time for viewing.  Observations are reported via a web-based questionnaire and used for beach management and scientific research.

New interpretive sign at Malibu Lagoon State Beach,
funded by the City of Malibu and installed in February

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In partnership with the NMFS-SWR!

We welcome the National Marine Fishery Service-SWR, Habitat Conservation Division, and thank them for major funding of this citizen-scientist monitoring effort. We thank our continuing partners!