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Communication Solution

Wireless Communication Services in USA

Communication Solution

iWire365 designs and builds telecommunication networks. We are vendor agnostic and believe that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution.

Our networks provide increased mobility and collaboration whether you are connecting a utility, oil & gas company, single office, or a conference room, classroom, school district, building, corporate campus or entire city. No project is too big or small.

The wireless networks of today are faster than ever before. The technology, too, is significantly more affordable than earlier times. The other benefit of wireless is that it increases productivity, accessibility, and flexibility, improving employee satisfaction.

Using wireless computing employees, irrespective of their work location, can access data, review it, take notes, research data, and exchange emails. Businesses of all sizes want to explore and/or implement wireless solutions ranging from BYOD to deploying campus, regional or state-wide WiFI, LTE / WiMAX WAN's because wireless networks offers plenty of advantages. But like any other business endeavor it requires advanced planning. The increased prominence of wireless devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets in the workplace means businesses are taking a new look at wireless networks and the positive impact.

Project Management

Telecom Management Services in USA

Project Management

What Does A Part Time Project Manager Do?

The iWire365 Project Manager Connection is a group of Project Managers that offer you strategic on-call expertise. We work directly with you to help your company with all IT & Telecom aspects of your business. You will benefit from a time-tested integrated approach from various perspectives including your customers and all groups that touch them. Best of all, we are an affordable solution as a part-time Project Manager since you get all the expertise you need without having to hire a full-time and expensive Project Manager.

The Part Time Project Manager Difference

The iWire365 Project Manager Connection understands business challenges and the need to close the gap between strategy and execution. Our time-tested integrated approach looks at your business from various perspectives including your customers and all groups that touch them. We are not consultants but rather members of your team sharing the same objectives and goals.

How Part Time Project Manager's Work?

The process begins with a no-cost discovery session. This session helps your Project Manager understand your business challenges and to help you. Your Project Manager partners with you to develop responsive, and innovative and results-oriented strategies to lower your costs, reduce your risk, and achieve your business objectives and will fully support your highest priority.

Consulting & Integration

Telecommunication Consulting Services USA

Consulting & Integration

Over the years, iWire365 has created strong client relationships, crucial alliances and industry partnerships to execute and deliver advanced telecommunication wireless networks and professional consulting services that include strategic project management and new network designs and deployments.

iWire35, LLC is pleased to offer consulting services in a trusted advisory role to our clients in helping craft a journey to build and manage next-­‐generation of advanced telecom networks and related services. We empower businesses with leading technology through consulting, integration, and IT deployments. iWire365 delivers an agile IT environment that is accurately aligned with your business strategies and objectives. From planning and implementation to harnessing next-generation efficiencies - like cloud computing and virtualization - our comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions covers the full IT lifecycle. It is this combination of experience, knowledge and technology that gives organizations the edge they need to effectively compete in an ever-challenging environment. iWire365 array of services keep up-to-date with ever-changing business requirements. We deliver solutions that provides market leadership by integrating the core expertise.

Wireless System Integration

Wireless Network Design

Wireless System Integration

Telecom networks have become increasingly heterogeneous and complex over the years, with multiple systems, vendors, software, applications and technologies.

In a competitive environment, profitability with service quality becomes imperative.

Managing complex networks has resulted in network operations expenditures, and emphasis on high network availability and reliability.

iWire365 is offering complete turnkey product specification, design, prototyping, testing, verification, equipment approval, documentation, project management, and project setup.

iWire365 have a pool of highly qualified engineers with cross-domain expertise on multiple tools and strategic partnership with tool vendors to provide cost effective solutions.

Lowering costs, understanding the course of technology, to being a trusted advisor and providing cost-effective asset-based solutions, iWire365 offering helps gain in many ways including:

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Greater market penetration
  • Greater profitability
  • Enhanced network performance Optimum usage of network resources
  • Enhanced concentration on business development strategies, rather than unnecessary involvement in maintaining network performance

Education & Training

Wireless Communication Education and Training

Education & Training

Wireless Courses for CompaniesExecutives are faced with having to make decisions on how to upgrade and/or stream line their existing telecommunications infrastructure with advanced wireless solutions. Lack of knowledge and expertise is a major issue that is causing many executives to make decision that are not ideal long-term solutions.

Understanding the challenges executives face within the fast pace world of broadband wireless telecommunications, iWire365 created an online university specifically for executives.

The primary goal of iWire365's online university is to educate and equip executives with the tools they need to not only understand wireless communications, but are also able to navigate the world of telecommunications and broadband communications in order to make solid long-term business decisions when selecting technology.

Operate & Maintenance

Telecommunications Infrastructure Company

Operate & Maintenance

iWire365 helps companies achieve Network Operation, Maintenance and technical support excellence. We define, analyze and assist in implementing processes, procedures and tools for Operations and Maintenance of internal and/or external networks. iWire365 can assist in developing processes and procedures to notify and resolve quickly network troubles of its customers. Clients include companies who have an emphasis on wireless communications.

iWire365 has years of experience in wireless operations, maintenance, technical support, disaster recovery, process improvement and engineering.

iWire355 provides customized maintenance packages to fit our customers’ uptime and budget requirements. iWire365 analyze each system for single points of failure and manufacturers’ failure rates and design a package which works for every customer’s specific business requirements. iWire365 offers monitoring and repair services that covers next-day, nationwide on-site diagnosis. Advanced and extended repair packages are also available, and we offer warranties which include one-year standard, extended, and lifetime workmanship. iWire365 also offers repair service and routine maintenance contracts or time/material billing, and we warehouse inventory to minimize service repair time.