"Danielle's fire fueled lyrics and fabulous voice prove that there's plenty above her tits that make her precious. But her tits are pretty precious too!"
- Justin Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons)

Indie By Design (IBD) -

"An ongoing showcase of independent-minded musicians who are making music on their Own Terms."

Indie By Design was created in July of 2002 by Danielle Lo Presti and Kelly Bowen, as a means of fostering community, teamwork, and empowerment among musicians and music lovers.

"It is our fervent belief that there is more than enough to go around. By helping each other, we are helping ourselves. This idea of teamwork, as old as it is, is relatively untapped and underutilized. There is SO MUCH WE CAN DO as independent artists and labels to further our careers by helping one another. Indie By Design is one way of doing this. At a recent IBD concert, there were folks leaving the merch. table with 5! new CDs, one for each artist on the bill that night.

So many people want to support this music, but either don't know how to tap into it or have a few favorites and keep it at that. By sharing each other's fan base, EVERYBODY wins. Furthermore, IBD gives folks a means to support music that is not created by the big mogul-money-machines, thereby making them a PART OF the grassroots growth of these bands, which is a rewarding experience for all."

Showcases are held throughout Southern California. Key to the night is fostering community, teamwork and networking among the artists, while bringing high caliber music to fans who might have previously been unexposed to many of the great indie artists in the community. 
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