A friend whose cards I read recently was querying why her reading hadn’t warned her about the problems with her relationship, which appeared a few weeks after her reading. She had asked ‘was there anything she needed to do with this relationship’ and had been told that all seemed fine. A few weeks later it became apparent that her man was unbearably insecure and was capable of complete meltdown when things didn’t go his way. She wondered if the limitation had been her own thoughts – that is, that the reading gave her a reflection of her hopes, not about what was about to happen.

Well, it’s a good question. Could a client influence their reading to that extent? I think it’s possible, if they are particularly focused on getting what they want (and don’t want to hear any negatives), but they themselves would have to have fairly powerful psychic gifts. And many tarot readers refute the idea that tarot is a predictive tool. I have seen it predict accurately on many occasions, though I usually warn against taking a reading as a certainty (given the complexity of the future, all we can do is predict possibilities), but in the reading I did for my friend, the man’s insecurities would have been there, albeit hidden. How is it I didn’t pick up the looming difficulties?

After thinking about this, I wondered if perhaps we should have asked a few more searching questions – one of them being the likely outcome of the next few months. Querying what she needed to do with the relationship, and getting the answer that it seemed really good, must indicate a limitation in my reading (relationship readings are not my speciality), but we were perhaps playing it safe by avoiding a card for the likely outcome. I’m surprised we didn’t, as I usually make a point of taking an outcome card to close the reading.

Alternatively, I could have used the spread below which should cover all eventualities! (Click on the image to see a readable version.)

relationship spread lg