• With the release of her debut album, "The Journey Aflame", Naru has in a short time positioned herself on the scene as a model for what women can be in hip hop. Since the release, the album has been written about in several countries and deemed a classic hip hop contribution by hip hop critics from New York to Moscow.

    akua naru - The Backflip akua naru - The World is listening akua naru - The Journey Aflame

  • A hip hop production team based in Cologne, Germany. With their sound imprint, they have been the driving force behind a number of European chart successes, and worked with such artists like Akua Naru, Fard, Sokól & Marysia Starosta, Farid Bang, Olson Rough and more.

    Fard - Alter Ego akua naru - The Journey Aflame Farid Bang - Banger leben kuerzer Czysta Brudna Prawda  - Sokol I Marysia Starosta