How It Works...The Computer

This book was published in 1971, and the revised edition was published in 1979.

Original Edition (1971) Revised Edition (1979)

Copyright � Ladybird Books Ltd, 1971, 1979, not to be reproduced without permission of Ladybird Books Ltd.

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Inside Cover
Title Page
What Are Computers?
How Computers Developed
Different Designs
Data Processing
The Main Parts Of A Computer
Combining The Parts
The Computer Code
Reading The Code/The Input Unit
Recording Information On Magnetic Tape
Operation of Magnetic Tape Unit
'Writing' The Code
The Computer Store
'Words', 'Bits' and 'Addresses'
The Magnetic Core Store
'Gates' and 'Highways'
Computer Arithmetic
Binary Arithmetic
The Control Unit
The Magnetic Drum
The Disc Store
The Output Unit
Does A Computer Make Mistakes?
This Year, Next Year, Sometime...?
Glossary Of Terms
Back Cover

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