Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why do we Dock Dive?

Our last post for the summer contemplates why do we dock dive a Poodle? We get asked this by Lab and other hard core diving breed owners. A Poodle can't be competitive and win. I will agree that is true for Maggie - but don't put it past another Poodle - especially those big hard driving males I've seen in hunt tests! And to argue the competitive point - she is very competitive in her jumping class. I'm too lazy to go count the first places we've won (not to forget that BIG Ultimate Air Dog trophy!).

Why do we dock dive Maggie?
  1. Maggie LOVES it
  2. Maggie LOVES it
  3. To show Poodles are more than dogs with bizarre hair cuts
  4. To encourage other people (especially those with the "non-traditional" dogs) to dock dive. After all, if a Poodle can do it ANY dog can do it. So join in on all the fun - the more the merrier!!
  5. Maggie LOVES it

One of the most satisfying moments during the dock diving eventing season was an overheard conversation. When Maggie came up on the dock someone said "Oh no! NOT a Poodle - what can that dog do?" Then Maggie jumped and retrieved the dummy and the same person said "WOW - look at what the Poodle can do! This made my day - mission accomplished. Yes, Maggie will never jump 25 feet. Yes, she will never be a "sonic" speed retriever. But what Maggie lacks in distance and speed she makes up for in enthusiasm and style!

When we field hunt our Poodles we have a motto. We will change people's minds about a Poodle's ability to hunt one hunt at a time. We use the same motto for dock diving - changing people's minds one dive at a time.

The overwhelming thing we did find at the fair was how popular the "girls" were. We had a steady stream of people coming into our tent asking about our Poodles and how we got Maggie to jump. We ended up making a brag board showing the girls and what all they could do. Many people were people who had Poodles when they were kids, or who now have Poodles, or people who were just astonished to see a dock diving Poodle.

In the meanwhile the girls soaked up the attention and Penny did what she did best - looked calm, obedient and glamorous. Penny had to balance against Maggie who was in her dock diving induced insanity standing on her hind legs howling at the other dogs jumping off the dock!

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Anonymous said...

With the training you have done in hunt, agility, dance, and diving, you have more than proven that Poodles can do it all! You, Penny and Maggie are great ambassadors for the breed. Keep up the great work! QK