phpFormGenerator is a an easy, online tool for creating reliable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing web forms in a snap. No programming of any sort is required: phpFormGenerator generates the HTML code, the form processor code (PHP), and the field validation code automatically via an easy, point-and-click interface.

phpFormGenerator provides several delivery formats. You can choose to have your form results delivered via email, sent to a MySQL database, and written to a data file (which you can then open in Excel and other programs).

Just click "Create a Form" above, follow the intuitive phpFormGenerator wizard, and copy the generated files to your dedicated server. The tool is FREE and you get to use your form any way you chooose, without any restrictions.

phpFormGenerator v3.0 beta launched

JUN 13 2007

Version 3.0 of phpFormGenerator has been released for public testing. Users can access it via the demo site:

Version 3 introuduces many new features and is even easier to use. Please report any errors and comments on our forums. You can watch a video tutorial of the form creation process by clicking here.

New features in phpFormGenerator 3.0:


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