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The Difference

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As a business professional, your clients trust you to deliver superior service without having to over pay for the results.  Are you doing the same for your business?  Professional liability is a necessity, however it is not a requirement that you over pay for the policy.  That is where we come in for you.  SSIS will shop the entire insurance market for the best options available for your business insuring you get the best coverage at the best rate.

Experience, Expertise, And Service in 35 States.

Select Specialty Insurance Services is a highly experienced commercial insurance agency doing business in 35 States.  We provide comprehensive coverage options at competitive premiums.  With one application, SSIS will shop all the available insurance companies to allow them to fight to earn your business.  We then gather all the options and present them to you so that you can make the best and most educated decision for your company.

“If you haven’t shopped your policy, chances are you are overpaying.”

- Jerome Magana, President & CEO