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Koch Media GmbH Privacy Policy

Koch Media is serious about protecting users’ personal data and is obliged to adhere to all valid, related laws, including Directive 94/46/EG of the European Parliament and Council from October 25, 1995 for the protection of individuals when processing personal data and to the free flow of data as well as other appropriate, applicable laws and legal regulations in your country of residence.

We have employed technical and organizational measures which, in our opinion, ensure that data protection laws are observed by us as well as by external service providers working for us.


Personal data
Personal data are individual details about personal or business relationships of a specific or ascertainable person. The data includes information which is related or applicable to an individual person or creates a connection to that person. This includes information such as name, address, mailing address, and phone number. Information that cannot be associated with an actual identity (e.g., favourite websites or number of site users) is not protected.
In principle, you are entitled to use portions of our online services (website) without disclosing your identity. If, however, you would like to participate in games and the portal, we request the following personal data:

·    E-mail address
The following data is requested for competitions and other events:

-    Name
-    Mailing address
-    Possibly phone number
Additional data such as age and hobbies may be requested, within the framework of other actions (e.g., "Player of the Month"), and , published, with your permission, on the Web or in printed media.
Koch Media employees are not authorized to request additional user data, such as credit card information, banking information, passwords, or phone numbers. Divulging personal information in online chat is the sole responsibility of users.


Storage of security of personal data
Data collected by us during player account registration is stored on the operator’s server database (e-mail address). [Address: Koch Media GmbH, Lochhamer Straße 9, 82152 Planegg, Germany] Persons who require access because of technical, business, or editorial maintenance of the server and portal are legally bound by an agreement of confidentiality and non-disclosure.

A copy of the data is made available to us via FTP and stored on a local PC.

Your e-mail/mailing addresses may be requested via e-mail by support and stored with us.

We are committed to data security within the framework of applicable data protection laws. Please note however that no electronic communications are totally secure. We remind you that, despite our high standards, information that you voluntarily provide on the Web are never guaranteed to be 100% secure. There is always the potential danger that third persons may obtain unauthorized access. Koch Media is not responsible or liable for the disclosure of information due to data transmission errors and/or unauthorized access by third parties.


Data processing
Once you have completed a declaration of consent, we collect, store, and process personal information for the purpose of individual information and management (e.g., newsletters).

We use e-mail addresses for administrative purposes such as account activation information, welcome e-mails, and newsletter distribution. Users may opt out of newsletters at any time.

If a user modifies account information (password, account name) or is temporarily or permanently blocked from the service ("kick, ban"), the system automatically sends an e-mail to the previously provided address. We do not control the distribution of such e-mails. This can only be achieved by deleting all account-related data.

For security purposes, data that could be used for identification (e.g., IP address, date, and time) is stored on our servers when you are granted access. Personal data is not used for any other purposes, apart from legal or official requirements. We reserve the right to conduct statistical analysis of anonymous data sets.


Sharing of personal information with third parties
Your personal data will not be shared with third parties without your express consent. If data is shared with service providers as part of contractual data processing, they are required to conform to the BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) and other legal requirements as well as to Koch Media GmbH Privacy Policy. We must provide data to authorized authorities in accordance with legal or judicial decrees.

Storing, modifying, or using data for other purposes is permitted only when necessary to protect against serious disadvantages for the common welfare, danger to public security, or protecting the interests of the common welfare – or when required for the prosecution of criminal or regulatory violations, the enforcement or execution of penalties or sanctions in accordance with § 11 Paragraph 1 No. 8 of the criminal code, correctional actions in accordance with juvenile law, or enforcement of civil penalties.

Koch Media employs appropriate measures to prevent the sharing of user personal data, including user account data, with third parties, except under the following conditions:

(1) To recoup costs associated with use of service.

(2) To generate statistics for academic or marketing research on an anonymous basis

(3) For the enforcement of certain guidelines of applicable laws and regulations, which expressly authorize such sharing, or to comply with judicial decrees that mandate such sharing.

(4) Upon catastrophic events, emergencies, or other acts of nature that are beyond the control of Koch Media.

Anyone may access (view) contributions placed in the discussion forum. You should ensure, before publishing, that your contributions do not contain information that is not appropriate for public viewing. You should be aware that your contributions may be accessed by search engines and accessible worldwide without specifically targeting our portal. Deleting or correcting such entries is frequently not possible with foreign operators.

Non-liability for online partner services

We remind you that in various technical areas we work with external partners who also offer Internet sites and services accessible from our sites. These partners generally have their own data protection guidelines. We assume no responsibility or liability for such declarations or activities that take place at other sites.

Right of withdrawal
You may delete data that you have entrusted with us at any time. Please send an e-mail requesting deletion of your account data to Opens window for sending emaill.zhang(at) We remind you that the remonstrance of certain data for certain periods of time is stipulated by commercial and taxation laws. These data may only be deleted following legally stipulated time periods.


Modification of the Privacy Policy
Koch Media reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with applicable privacy policies. Such modifications may take place without express, written notice to users. Current regulations may be reviewed any time at Please visit this page frequently.


Terms & Conditions - Contests

 Participation in contests and its procedure governed by the following provisions.

 § 1 Contest

To take part in the contest, participants must follow the instructions provided in the contest description. The electronically recorded receipt of the email by Koch Media is used to determine whether the deadline has been met. The deadline ends on the given date of the contest.

§ 2 Participants

(1) Participants must be at least 18 years old. Participants, who are younger than 18 years old, must seek consent from their legal guardian prior to participation.

(2) To participate in the contest, all information provided must be true.

§ 3 Exclusion from the contest

(1) Employees of Koch Media and their relatives are excluded from participation.

(2) In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions of participation, Koch Media reserves the right to exclude individuals from taking part in the contest.

(3) Individuals who, by the use of prohibited means or other manipulations, gain an advantage will also be excluded. In these cases, prizes may also be revoked and recalled if necessary.

§ 4 Contest procedure

(1) Koch Media is responsible for conducting the contest and selecting the prizes.

(2) Koch Media will contact the participants by email when the contest has ended. In the event of a win, it is necessary for participant to provide their mailing address to Koch Media within 14 days. The prize claim will lapse if participants have not contacted Koch Media within 14 days and provided their mailing address; in this case, the prize will drawn again. A claim to the prize will cease to exist upon expiry of this deadline.

(3) Koch Media shall determine the terms of delivery that will apply to the delivery of the  prizes. If the delivery of the prize is impossible or is only possible under unreasonable circumstances, the winners will receive a replacement prize of the same value.

(4) Koch Media will inform the winners in writing (via email) and, where appropriate, publish their names on or on website of Koch Media products. The winners herewith declare their express consent to this form of publication.

(5) Each participant is only eligible to submit a number of entries as described in contest-specific rules. Prizes will be awarded according to the contest rules.

(6) The payment of a cash equivalent for the prizes is excluded. Prize claims are not transferable.

(7) Complaints are to be lodged with Koch Media in writing, stating the name of the contest, within 14 days after becoming aware of the cause for such complaint. Complaints that are lodged by telephone or late cannot be processed.

§ 5 Premature termination of the contest

(1) Koch Media  reserves the right to cancel or terminate the contest at any time without prior notice. Koch Media will exercise this right, in particular if the proper conduct of the contest cannot be ensured due to technical reasons (e.g., computer viruses, manipulation, or errors in the hardware and/or software) or legal reasons. Inasmuch as such a termination is caused by the behavior of a participant, Koch Media may claim compensation from that participant for the damage caused.

§ 6 Data protection

(1) To participate in the contest, it is sufficient to send in a valid email address. At the end of the contest, the participants will be contacted by Koch Media via the email address provided. In the event of a win, Koch Media will request the participant to send a mailing address to which the corresponding prize can be sent and (for age-sensitive prizes) a copy of their identity card. All data will be collected by Koch Media exclusively within the scope of this contest and saved only for the duration thereof.

(2) Koch Media is obligated to adhere to data protection and media law with respect to the data participants provide. In particular, the data will be kept confidential.

§ 7 Liability

(1) Upon handing over the prize, Koch Media is released from all obligations. Koch Media assumes no liability for legal and/or material defects.

(2) Claims related to the prizes received are to be directed directly to the manufacturer/provider within the scope of product liability or other liability.

(3) No responsibility is taken for the announcement of the winner.

(4) Koch Media is not liable for damages caused by fire, delays or interruptions in the transmission, disruptions in technical equipment and services, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, viruses, or other reasons that can occur when participating in contests, unless such damages were caused deliberately or gross negligently by Koch Media (its executives bodies, employees, or agents).

(5) Liability is excluded for the persons excluded by § 3.

§ 8 Miscellaneous

(1) All decisions are final.

(2) These terms and conditions of participation and the entire legal relationship between the participants and Koch Media is exclusively subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(3) Inasmuch as individual provisions of the terms and conditions of participation are or become invalid, the validity of the other provisions shall remain unaffected.

(4) These terms and conditions of participation may be amended by Koch Media at any time without separate notice.


Questions and comments
For questions, concerns, or comments on the topic of data protection, please contact Koch Media GmbH data protection representative Liang Zhang at Opens window for sending emaill.zhang(at)

Deep Silver is a division of Koch Media GmbH

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