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ITAC: Industrial + Technology Assistance Corporation

Are you a manufacturing or technology company located in New York City? Do you need help starting up, obtaining funding, expanding, conducting research, reducing waste, going green, finding R&D partners or relocating? If so, ITAC can help you.

Who are we?

ITAC is a nonprofit consulting and training organization dedicated to helping NYC manufacturing and technology companies grow with programs that increase their top and bottom lines.

Why are we here and what do we offer?

ITAC’s purpose is to strengthen the NYC economy by growing manufacturing and technology companies here. We provide training, consulting, and expertise on topics that make companies more competitive. We are not just advisors, we are hands on and work with our clients to help them implement the changes that ensure their success.

What makes us different?

ITAC is the only NYC consulting and training organization that is audited by an independent third party to make sure we deliver positive financial impact to our clients. Our professional staff come from manufacturing and technology firms, which they have either owned or operated over a period of several years. As part of the largest consulting network in the U.S. serving manufacturing and technology companies with under 500 employees, we have access to a best practice knowledge base that is unparalleled. We have a twenty-year track record of helping companies to succeed and we understand the unique challenges that NYC businesses face.

Why can we offer such great services for less?

ITAC is partially funded by NYSTAR (New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). We serve as NYSTAR’s designated Regional Technology Development Center for New York City and we are one of nearly 350 NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) locations across the country.

ITAC is funded by: National Institute of Science and TechnologyNew York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation

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