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Our games localisation team has been handpicked for their experience in the industry and their personal passion for games.

From the moment you speak to the sales team and all the way through the project management phase to the technical sign-off, you will be working with gamers.

With more than 30 years’ combined experience, our team have worked on games for Xbox, iPhone, Nintendo Wii/DS, Playstation and many more, giving you confidence that they will handle all the technical issues efficiently.

They have the added advantage over many other localisation companies of using server-based translation memory tools and having partners on the ground worldwide.

Our team will help you to:

Pass the submission process for languages every time and maximise your speed to market:

Your product will comply with the major console standards including:

  • Sony TRC
  • Microsoft TCR
  • Nintendo LotCheck

Hit your milestones and cost targets:

With a team of translators working simultaneously on our server-based translation memory tool, glossaries are updated in real time, meaning that we can work faster while maintaining consistency throughout the project life-cycle.

You will be able to leverage previous translations giving you further cost and time savings.

Reduce your stress!

We provide an end-to-end solution, taking care of your translation, scripting, voice-over recording and testing (functional and linguistic), removing the need to manage several suppliers. With better communication and faster response times there will be no problem in handling last minute updates, modifying voiceover recordings and all the other challenges that we thrive on.

Be confident in your localised product:

Your localised product will capture the attention of the target market and beat your sales targets because our project managers, translators, revisers, voice-over artists and checkers are professionals with a passion for games.

And if you are new to this process and have created a great game or app that people play and talk about but you don’t know how to raise its profile in another country – talk to us and we will support you through the localisation process. Contact us or call +44 (0)118 934 6000

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