Move your config files to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME

Published 12th Feb 2014 (Updated 1st Jan 2015)
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The problemTop

It may sound like a cliché comming from a german guy but I like to have my hard drive organized. It just hate it when every app I install creates its own config file in my $HOME directory. It's the default folder shown when I start my file manager and it is just anoying seeing a bunch of "dotfiles" there. They should all reside in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME. Come on, that's what this folder is for! In this post I will go over a few tricks to make some apps I frequently use store their configuration files in the one and only right location: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$APP_NAME

The solutionsTop

Thanks god (Linus? :D). Most of the programs I'm using aren't that hard to educate, mostly it's just a matter of setting an environment variable. For starters I'd recommend making sure the XDG_CONFIG_HOME variable is always set by adding this to your .bashrc or .zshenv file:

  [[ -z $XDG_CONFIG_HOME ]] && export XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$HOME/.config"


First of, ZShell. There's a $ZDOTDIR environment variable that tells zsh where to look for its config. So let's set it right by exporting it in $HOME/.zshenv:


If you have root access you could set this in /etc/zsh/zshenv which would solve the config file problem for all users (well, at least for those who didn't set no_global_rcs which prevents the sourcing of global config files).

NOTE: Your config file still has to be named .zshrc (notice the dot). Otherwise ZSH won't source it.


Same procedure:

  export VIMINIT='let $MYVIMRC="$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vim/vimrc" | source $MYVIMRC'

Congrats! Your new vimrc path is now: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vim/vimrc (no dot this time!)

Source: Vim respect XDG


Vimperator is a great Firefox addon (the very best imho) but so as the previous applications, it's config file is misplaced by default. Once again, a few exports will solve this:

  export VIMPERATOR_INIT=":source $VIMPERATOR_RUNTIME/vimperatorrc"


It's pretty much the same procedure as for Vimperator, only that the environment variables have other names:

  export PENTADACTYL_INIT=":source $PENTADACTYL_RUNTIME/pentadactylrc"


Git's trivial, by default it will write its config to $HOME/.gitconfig, but if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/config exists it will use the latter instead. So just move your config:

  mkdir -p $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git
  mv ~/.gitconfig !$/config


urxvtd has an environment variable (which defaults to $HOME/.urxvt):

  export RXVT_SOCKET=$XDG_DATA_HOME/urxvt/urxvt-$HOST

Note: urxvtd won't create this directory by its own, so you'll have to mkdir $RXVT_SOCKET:h


Yet another environment variable:


Legacy, legacy... Screw legacy. Some programs aren't that easy to configure. For example there's mutt, firefox, ncmpcpp, wireshark, mplayer, xmonad, gimp... It's 2014 and we, linux users, haven't any real standard config directory. OSX solved the problem by just forbidding any program to write anywhere else, but that's not how we roll... I mean, just check your $HOME directory. How clamped is yours?! Sure there are a few projects like libetc that aim to solve this, but wouldn't it be a better world if every Linux developer would embrace $XDG_CONFIG_HOME?

PS: If you know a way to move an app's config files to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME that I didn't mention, please let me know in the comments - I'll update this post.

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