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NEU Supercomputer

IBM's supercomputer, located in the Innovation and Information Technologies Center, was established in 2007. Having ranked 13th amongst the universities in the world with its computation speed and capacity, Supercomputer is also the second most powerful computer in the region.

Specifications: Cluster 1

Node Model: IBM Blade HS21 XM

Number of Nodes / Cores: 160 / 1280

Processor: Intel Xeon 2.33 GHz

Total Memory: 25,6 TB total, 2 GB per Core
Total Storage: 25 TB

Interconnect: Infiniband 4x 20 GB/sec

Operating System: SLES 10 Service Pack 2

Performance Value: Rmax (Gflops) 9243.89 - Rpeak (Gflops) 11945

Back-up Unit: TS3310 - 94 slot / 94 x 800 = 75.2 TB

Queue Management: LoadLeveler

Node Management: CSM 1.7.0

File System: GPFS 3.2.1

Web interface:

Specifications: Cluster 2

Node Model: IBM Blade QS20

Number of Nodes: 8

Processor: 3.2 GHz Cell BE (2 processors per node)
Total Memory: 1 GB XDRAM (per node)

Total Storage: 15 TB

Interconnect: Infiniband 4x 20 GB/sec

Operating System: Fedora 8

Back-up Unit: TS3310 - 94 slot / 94 x 800 = 75.2 TB

Specifications: Cluster 3

Node Model: IBM A-pro

Number of Nodes: 5

Processor: AMD Opteron 285 2.6GHz (2 per node)

Total Memory: 4 GB (per node)

Total Storage: 25 TB

GPU-Unit: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500

Interconnect: Infiniband 4x 20 GB/sec

Operating System: RedHat AS 4.0 Update 3

Back-up Unit: TS3310 - 94 slot / 94 x 800 = 75.2 TB

Specifications: Softwares

Matlab Distributed Compute Engine

Intel C++ Compiler v10.1

Intel Fortran Compiler v10.1

Intel MKL Cluster Edition v10.0

OpenMPI v1.2.6

Mvapich v1.0.1

Mvapich2 v1.0.3

The supercomputer not only provides free services to research projects of all universities in Turkey and in Turkic republics, but also holds major championships in global projects.

Current Projects

Help Conquer Cancer (World Community Grid)

CERN Big Bang

Bilkent Matrix Project

NEU Oil Price Forecast

FightAIDS@Home (World Community Grid)

Nutritious Rice for the World (World Community Grid)


NEU Radio