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    Sweet Sweet Happiness

    14 Varieties of Sweet Crêpes

  • Hot, Hearty & Delicious

    13 Varieties of Savoury Crêpes

  • Handcrafted Gelato & Ice Cream

    Local & Natural Ingredients

  • Authentic Belgian Waffles

    Authentic European Recipes

Savoury Crêpes Menu

13 Savoury Crêpe varieties. Featuring our traditional Parisienne varieties, like Ham, Egg & Cheese and Smoked Salmon. Or enjoy one of our internationally inspired creations, like the popular Chicken Ninja & South of the Border crêpes.

Savoury Crepes

Sweet Crêpes Menu

14 Sweet Crêpe varieties. Enjoy the European street cafe favourite...Nutella with fresh strawberries & banana. Or cross the ocean for an Aloha crêpe, PBJ or one of our other unique creations.

Sweet Crepes

Gelato & Ice Cream

30+ Varieties of Gelato & Ice Cream. We handcraft all of our Gelato and Ice Cream in-house, using locally sourced ingredients. Each batch is created with a passion for delivering brilliant flavours and silky smooth creaminess.

Gelato & Ice Cream

Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles are extra thick, with just a slight crunch on the outside & fluffy goodness inside. The deep dimples allow us to top each waffle with generous amounts of fresh fruits, maple syrup & other delicious toppings.

Belgian Waffles

Crepes & Cravings Reviews

As a local and independant Calgary business, not only do we get to live in an awesome city, we also get to fullfill our passion for creating unique meals and decadent desserts for our city’s many foodies and visiting food enthuisists.

We extend a sincere thank you to everyone who we have had the privilege of serving our crêpes, handcrafted gelato & ice cream and the wonderful people who have taken the time to write so many kind words. Here are a few of their stories....

Calgary Sun Restaurant Review

There’s certainly several spots where Calgarians can find crêpe creations. But few likely compare — when it comes to the combination of culinary perfection and pretentious-free pricing — to Crêpes & Cravings which has a little bit of both. Located in a wee, hole-in-the-wall storefront along the Red Mile, I arrived early enough to snag one of a few...... CLICK HERE to read more......

Our Eating Habits Review

This week my husband and I get two dates. We are going to a movie tonight, and we had a very fun lunch date yesterday. We ditched the kids and headed over to Crêpes & Cravings on 17th. Holy yum Batman. First we each had a savory crêpe.....Loved every Bite! Hubby had the... CLICK HERE to read more......

CBC Eye Opener Restaurant Review

Few people know about the little shop across from Farm on 17th Avenue, where they hand-make over 30 varieties of ice cream and gelato daily. Their crepes, stuffed with savoury or sweet (yes, gelato) fillings, are pretty divine too. CLICK HERE to read article......

Crepes & Cravings Reviews

Crepes & Cravings Reviews

Crepes & Cravings Reviews


Our Story

Crepes & Cravings was born in 2009 after Brian (the owner & idea guy) returned from an 'I-need-to-find-myself' trip to Europe.  While on this journey of self discovery, grabbing a savoury or sweet crêpe at a Paris open-air cafe for brunch, lunch or dinner became an enjoyable daily ritual. And when travelling in Italy, nothing could compare to walking through the history rich streets, experiencing silky smooth gelato and ice cream, handcrafted by 2nd or 3rd generation gelato artisans.

Upon returning to Calgary, the craving for delicious crêpe creations and handcrafted ice cream & gelato remained strong. So the hunt was on to find a location to offer crêpes, gelato & ice cream to Calgary's many foodies. In 2009, the dream became reality. Don't worry...the open-air concept stayed in Paris, with Crêpes & Cravings planting roots in a more Calgary weather-friendly space, where the hungry can have a seat and casually visit with friends or grab a crêpe, gelato or ice cream to go.

We offer over 24 traditional crêpe recipes, and strive to create some of the best ice cream and gelato available anywhere. Every ice cream & gelato batch is made on-premise using the highest quality local ingredients and following the time honoured techniques of Italy's Gelato Masters. (Yes, 'Gelato Master' is a real and respected designation, and shows how serious Italy is about their nation's favourite treat).

We made a personal pledge to ourselves and our customers to use only quality ingredients to create our internationally inspired recipes. We use only fresh roasted chicken breasts, carved turkey, and ham and beef carved off the roast. Our fruits are obtained fresh from local markets, when in season.

And just like in Europe, crêpes aren't limited to any particular time of day or meal. Our wide menu choice means there is something that will satisfy everyone, whether it be for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert. Plus, our entire menu is available in traditional and gluten free. And don't let anyone tell you differently, gelato and ice cream tastes equally delicious no matter what time it may be.

Please drop by and say hello.

Hope to see you soon!

Crêpes & Cravings Hours

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101 1013 17th Ave SW Calgary