Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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DIRECTOR: Sister Cecilia Engel


Elim 7284



TELEPHONE NUMBER: (028) 482-1988

FAX NUMBER: (028) 482-1648

E-MAIL ADDRESS: elimhome@zsd.co.za

About Elim Home

Elim Home can be found in the small, impoverished Overberg town of Elim, 200kms outside Cape Town. The Home was founded by the Moravian Church of South Africa and opened its doors in 1963. Elim cares for children with severe and profound intellectual and physical disabilities. They hail from all denominations and are cared for equally. Most of the children are resided in the exceedingly disadvantaged communities of the Western Cape Province.

Children currently in the care of Elim Home range between the ages of 3 and 30 with an IQ of below 50. Today there are 50 children in care with a waiting list of 10. The Home receives an average of 3 requests for placement per month.

Adoption Plan

Elim Home have established an adoption programme where an organization or individual can "adopt" a resident at Elim Home by supporting him/her financially and emotionally. Through this a relationship is established between the resident and the adoptive parent. Birthday and Christmas gifts are encouraged. Progress reports and pictures of the adopted child are sent to the adoptive parents every 6 months. Special activities of the Home are also shared. Above are some children who are looking for adoptive parents.

Elim Home believes that "every life has a meaning" and is thus dedicated to providing optimal care and maximizing the potential of each child under their guardianship. Nursing staff provide 24 hour care which is supplemented with other therapies which aim to enhance the level of independence of each child. Children are broken up into smaller manageable groups of about 7 according to mental age, physical ability and gender. Each unit has its own caregiver who acts as a house parent and provides for the particular needs of each individual child. Beyond simply providing for the essentials of feeding, bathing and caring for these children, the Home strives to enhance potential and development through teaching life skills such as self feeding, toilet training and self dressing.

Further than caring for the children, Elim Home has created various income generating projects so that they are not solely dependent on donations. They have established a vegetable garden which provides both a source of food for the Home as well as income. The surplus vegetables are sold to the community for a small profit. The Kimbi project creates jobs for the unemployed woman in Elim. Through these projects the Home does not only strive to help themselves but rather the South African community as a whole.
In addition to these projects the Home's existence depends on financial and other contributions from the public. It is in this area that a support programme under the leadership of Tanya Rossouw has contributed significantly to the lives of the children at Elim Home.
Any support is always very beneficial and greatly appreciated.

Mispah School

Another branch of Elim Home is the Mispah School. This school is a place of education for children with disabilities.