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Saturday, November 29, 2014


 few weeks ago, Afro Vegan Chick aka +Janyce Denise Glasper, hosted a giveaway on her blog.  The lucky winner received a 3 piece tinted vegan lip balm set from Pacifica.  

I had no idea that when I entered, that I was going to be that lucky winner!  The giveaway was conducted on Rafflecopter so the results are random, fair and totally legit.  

It felt extra special to win because Janyce is one of my fellow artist/blogger/vegan pals whom I have yet to meet in person but still consider a friend.  She is amazing you guys!  You'll see when you check out her artsy vegan food blog.  There are a ton of tasty recipes too!        

Even with the random chance of winning, someone who keeps lip balm within arms reach, is a coconut lover and loves all things Pacific Northwest was destined to win this giveaway.

Bedside Lip Balm

No one loves lip balm more than me.  Besides the usual stashes for lip balm...I keep lip balm on my nightstand.  Going to bed with a dab of lip balm is a ritual for soft lip maintenance.  When it is cold outside I crank up the heat.  That dry air can wreak havoc on my lips if I miss a pre-sleep smearing.      

My bestie will tell you that I am the reason why she keeps lip balm by her bedside.  It's a habit I picked up in middle school.  I can't go to sleep without a dab of lip balm.  Now, she can't either! 

Someone so closely linked to lip balm is the perfect recipient of a lip balm giveaway.  I appreciate everything about lip balm even down to its packaging.  The containers for lip balm Pacifica uses are these little ornate elegant tubes. 

These all natural, vegan, never tested on animals, tinted lip balms from Pacifica smell delicious!  I cannot decide which is my favorite out of the Guava Berry, Sugared Fig, & Coconut Nectar.  All three leave my lips moisturized and super soft.  They make for an excellent addition to my nighttime routine.  

Coconut Oil

If you are what you eat, then call me coconut oil.  I use it in everything.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE COCONUT OIL.  It is my preferred oil of choice when cooking veggies, it makes for a perfect skin moisturizer, I use it in my hair, and a dollop in my smoothies and/or coffee takes my morning cuppa to the next level.   

Coconut oil also appears to be a main ingredient in these cruelty free lip balms.  Now, I will be coconut oiled from head to toe.  Me winning this trio is nothing short of perfection, wouldn't you say?

Support Local

I go hard in the paint for all things local.  It makes me feel more connected to the products I consume and the businesses who produce them.  Did I mention Pacifica is right down the street from me as in Portland, Oregon?!  This tax free destination is only two hours away from Seattle.  I see a road trip to Portland in my future... 

Unboxing My Winnings 

When the package arrived I was so excited!  Janyce wrapped the box in beautiful purple paper with copper orange embellishments and even included a piece of a Starbucks napkin as a nod to my Seattle roots.  The personal touches were of the highest caliber.  The hand painted card is a prize all its own.  Thank you Afro Vegan Chick and Pacifica!


[If I am able to locate and upload the video I made of me unboxing the goods, I will update this post with it.  Stay tuned...]  


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