Who protects women's health? Sharon Quirk-Silva.

In Assembly District 65 there is a stark difference between Sharon Quirk-Silva and Young Kim. Get the facts and vote on November 4!


Sharon Quirk-SilvaSharon quirk-silva - 100% Score

Sharon Quirk-Silva earned a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California for her consistent record protecting women’s access to reproductive health care.

Sharon Quirk-Silva supports medically-accurate age appropriate sex education in schools to lower teen pregnancy rates.

Young Kimyoung Kim

Young Kim is endorsed by an Orange County pro-life committee dedicated to making abortion illegal even in cases of rape, incest, or when the woman's health is in danger.

Young Kim is endorsed by the Orange County Tea Party which has repeatedly taken positions against women's access to reproductive health care.

Voter Guide

Assembly District 65 is going to be a very close race and your vote matters. Decisions from school board up to congress can all have a very real effect on our community's health and wellbeing. See where more candidates stand on the Voter Guide!

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Sharon Quirk-Silva's actions protecting women's health:

  • Voted YES to support birth control access in 2012 on Assembly Bill 2348 (Mitchell), a bill which expands access to birth control.
  • Voted YES to support patient confidentiality protection in 2013 on Senate Bill 138 (Hernandez), a bill which helps clarify patient confidentiality protections on sensitive services or if disclosing information puts a patient in danger.

Young Kim:

  • Endorsement list on official website lists "Orange County Pro Family Council PAC," a pro-life organization working to ban abortion.
  • The Orange County Tea Party recommends her on their voter guide.

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