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   Wedding or Party Favors


Create easy and elegant wedding or party
                                                           favors using our organza drawstring bags
                                                           and tear drop heart shaped mold.  Easy
                                                           to follow instructions for melt and pour
                                                           glycerin soap.





    Lavender Dryer Sachet

You'll love the way your clothes will smell
  when you try this idea.  Take a small cotton
  muslin drawstring bag and fill it with 1 cup
  of dried lavender and a few drops of lavender 
  essential oil.  Tie or sew the bag closed and 
  put into your dryer,  toss with your clothes.  
      They'll smell wonderful.

   Room Spritzer, Linen Freshener

Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil/s in 
    2-3 ozs. of distilled water and vodka (equal parts). 
    Put into a small spray bottle and shake well. 
    Since oil and water don't mix, you'll have to shake
    before using.

    Spritz around your whole house and even in your
    linen closet to make your sheets smell fresh. 
    Depending on the fragrance, you can set the mood
    for almost anything, relaxation, meditation, or romance. 
           Remember, a little goes a long way.


  **Update - use Linen & Room Spray Base in place of the water and vodka.  It  will
    stay mixed - no need to shake.

  Bath Melt T's 

 1/2 cup cocoa butter
 1/8 teaspoon vitamin E oil
 1 tablespoon coconut oil
 23-25 drops of your favorite essential oil
 2 oz
Bars Mold
 Powder pigment or liquid pigment color,
 food coloring will work, but it is hard to

Melt the cocoa butter over very low heat and add the coconut oil.  Remove and 
add the remaining ingredients.  Stir well and add to your mold.  Let harden and
remove from mold.  Place in the freezer to quicken the hardening.  Keep in a cool
place or the refrigerator. Snap off sections and pop them in your tub for a soothing smoothing luxury bath.


                                                     Be My Valentine  

                                                                Easy to make puff heart is
                                                                          actually two halves.  Each heart
                                                                          half is a 3.5 ounce bar held
                                                                          together with netting and a
                                                                          pretty bow.

                                                                      We've scented ours with Jasmine &
                                                                       Honeysuckle and tinted the white
                                                                       melt and pour soap light shade of
                                                                       pink.  Puffed Heart Mold






Makes a nice hostess gift,
kitchen or bath decorator
liquid soap and can be refilled. 
16 ozs. of clear cleansing
, clear pump bottle, a
little fragrance, silk flowers,
sea glass, rocks or stones,
raffia and a tag.  Clear
Cleansing is a multipurpose
soap base and can be used
as liquid soap or shampoo. 
*Test your fragrance or essent-
ial oil in the soap prior to
completion to be sure the soap
remains clear.


Fill netting fabric with your favorite
dried botanical.  We used Lavender
and Rose Petals.  Add a few drops
of fragrance oil to the dried
botanicals and toss.  Add a satin
ribbon and you have beautiful
handmade sachets for any occasion.



Soapmaking Creative Ideas, soapmaking supplies, soapmaking products


Have your own personal portable soap
                                                               whenever you're at the gym, camping
                                                            or traveling.  Soap-On-The-Go is very
                                                               easy to make, here's all you need.
                                                            Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base, 1 oz
                                                                Clear Push Up Container/Tube,
cooking                                                             cooking spray, fragrance and colorant.

Directions:  Lightly grease the inside of
                                                            the container with PAM.  Melt the soap
                                                         base in your microwave on low until
                                                                        liquefied.  Add you fragrance and
                                                              colorant (optional).  Pour into container,
                                                           let harden, label and use.  The twist off
                                                     cap keeps it neat and convenient.  The
                                                           container can also be used with your favorite lotion bar recipe.

by L. C. Livermore Falls, ME

Use up your leftover soap pieces to makeSoapmaking Creative Ideas, soapmaking supplies, soapmaking products
this fun and colorful soap.  Start with any loaf
mold and cut up any colorful melt & pour
soap into small pieces.  Put them into the
mold and spray lightly with
alcohol.  Melt some
white or cream melt & pour soap
(not too hot),
and pour directly over the cut up
pieces in the
mold.  Let set and cut with our
wavy cutter for
fun and easy soap gifts. 
Note:  After time, some
transparent soap dyes
will migrate into
the white
so avoid darker
colors and use the soap
quickly for best results.


Heart Shaped Soap & Washcloth Gift   
 Soapmaking Creative Ideas, soapmaking supplies, soapmaking products

Tint M&P Soap a light shade of pink or
any color you wish.  Pour melted soap
into a small square mold or drawer
organizer.  Fill to the same depth as
your heart-shaped cookie cutter.  Once
dry, remove soap from mold and cut
out your shapes.  For an extra effect,
slice them in half with a wavy cutter
Bag in a non-gusseted cello bag and
add a new white washcloth.  Finish with
a ribbon and our specialty stickers
Makes a great quick gift or shower favor.










How can I wrap my soap? 
We've compiled 20 ideas to
get you started.                                                      


Click here...               






Good melt & pour soap base
will allow you unlimited
.  Here are four
examples with very basic
soap shapes, but are still
very eye-catching.  Try adding
a pre-cut piece of plastic scrap
booking paper into the mold
before pouring (top left).
Add a touch of mica powder
for a classic shimmer
(top right).
How about just adding some
poppy seeds and no added
color (lower left).  Finally, pour
a layer of mica tinted soap,
let set a few minutes,
and then pour white soap base
on top for a burst effect
(lower right).

































































































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