September 2007
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Busan Trip

In Korea, Chuseok (Thanksgiving) is a time where families get together and remember their ancestors. For us foreigners at the dorm, we travel. The Swedes that we met at our dorm told us about going to Busan by bus and booking a hostel there. So we did the same. Our bus ride cost . . . → Read More: Busan Trip


Random Korea Photos

New Korea photos are now online:


Bike Trip to Juan Station

Today we took a bike trip out to Juan station to the markets. The intensity of Asia compared to say, Montreal, is just insane. There are shops and vendors everywhere and the sidewalks are always full of people… and we live in what is considered a distant suburb of Seoul. Actually, Seoul is a . . . → Read More: Bike Trip to Juan Station


Pink Shirts, Jehovah’s and Itaewon

Ah. So this is the first time writing in any blog. Kevin asked me to write something for this time so I guess I’ll begin with a sum up of what we did this past week in Korea. This past week was somewhat less hectic and more serious than the first because we are . . . → Read More: Pink Shirts, Jehovah’s and Itaewon


Videos of Weekend in Seoul



Weekend in Seoul

This weekend we had a fun trip to Seoul and saw many places such as Seoul Tower, Cheonggye stream and the Insadong market.

I had my first experience eating street vendor food and it was not very pleasant, to say the least. I’ve never felt such bad stomach cramps in my life… so I . . . → Read More: Weekend in Seoul


New Photos and a Video of a Crazy Cat

New Albums:

Crazy cat at Homever department store:


Another New Day

So it’s another new day at Inha…

It has been rainy most of the days except one. It also has been very warm although in the last day it has cooled down with the rain. So it’s another new day… one that I spent part of the night attacking mosquitos cause the window was . . . → Read More: Another New Day


Orientation Day

Today we have orientation and we will also meet our Inha “buddy” students. Also, my roommate will help us to find used prepaid cell phones which will be a good deal. Right now we don’t really have classes since we had to drop one (the professor politely told us we shouldn’t take it since . . . → Read More: Orientation Day


Annoying Websites

Right now it is 6:58 AM and I haven’t been able to sleep again. I’m trying to configure Skype as I haven’t been able to call out to Canada and my Oma must be worried to heck about me and wondering if I’m OK.

I’ve noticed that the Skype website and some others are . . . → Read More: Annoying Websites