Let’s celebrate the holidays!

by Patrice on December 17, 2014

“This is the week that women’s shoulders begin to
droop as their list of holiday ‘should do’s’
becomes as long and heavy as Jacob Marley’s
chains.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Actually, Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote the words
above in her book Simple Abundance for December 8, which was last week. In all
likelihood, this is the week when our hearts are
noticeably hardening into lumps of coal as we do
ourselves in, doing the holidays ‘up right.’

Surely, if we are turning Grinch-like, that’s
doing it up wrong!

So back to Sarah: “If you do Christmas at your
house, you can choose to do it your way. Whatever
that way might be. You can consciously decide to
be happy, loving, fulfilled, generous, peaceful,
contented, spiritual, joyous, calm, festive, and
emotionally connected to the important people in
your life for the holidays this year. Or you can,
unconsciously, choose to be a wreck.”

Come on, now. We’re smart women. If we’re the ones
who are the tradition keepers, we need to be the
ones who exemplify the true spirit of the season.

What’s the secret to comfort and joy?

Being grateful for what we already have around and
within us. Thankfully, what we already have
doesn’t need to be bought, wrapped, cleaned or

So let’s gently remind ourselves…

To be conscious of our spending so we don’t over-do it and dig ourselves into financial holes.

To drop our demands for perfection so we’re not
always disappointed.

To take time to smell the baking cookies, cider and pine boughs.

To continually ask ourselves, “What really
matters?” when we scan that ridiculously long
to-do list.

And to be willing to simplify so we give ourselves
the gift of space to relax and enjoy.

I wish you holidays that truly warm your hearts
and lift your spirits! Thanks for being in my
beloved circle.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we
put into giving.” — Mother Teresa

How have you made peace with holiday demands? Please share!

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