Toronto is one of the last of the big cities in the world where we believe that our valuables can be protected by a piece of glass.  Travel to any other big city and the large display windows in the front of stores are protected by a variety of methods.

In Toronto some business must be more careful than others.  If you sell cigarettes then make sure you protect them from the smash and grab burglar.

Still most burglars in Toronto do not want to attract attention to themselves by breaking a window.  They will always look for another way in before smashing in a window.  The reason is that most windows become very dangerous when they are broken.  A burglar may find himself sliced open by a piece of broken glass that has become a razor sharp knife when broken.

There are several options available to the business owner and home owner who want more than glass to protect their valuables.

Window Film has had some surprising success stopping burglars - but only when installed correctly.  Many companies in Toronto do not install window film securely.  The result is the window does nothing to keep out a burglar.

Film should never be installed on Tempered glass.  Most storefront doors use tempered glass which breaks into thousands of tiny pieces.  This is a type of safety glass.  It is easily removed even when coated with film.

Double window panes should not have film installed on it.  This type of glass will crack because of the film. 

New glass is available from most glass companies.  Like the windshield of your car, this glass is actually a sandwich of glass with plastic in between two sheets of glass.  In testing it turns out that the plastic, glue and glass become stronger than either component by itself.  The glass and plastic strengthen each other and the glue plays a role as well.  More testing is needed to fully understand why this type of glass is so much stronger.

Steel Window Bars are still the best security we have to protect a storefront or basement window.  We can make attractive designs and even use a variety of colours.

The design of the window bars is key to good security.  Beware of thin metal construction or poor workmanship.  Get references from satisfied customers.  Ask for letters of references.  Don't accept sloppy work.  



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Basement Window Bars Custom Window Bars
Storefront Window Bars


SSI offers a wide selection of window bars for your home, office and storefront security needs.


Basement Window Bars

Three Bar

Four Bar

Five Bar

These adjustable and removable window bars are perfect for the residential basement window.  They are often used in offices and across sliding windows.

These bars lock with a sliding plunger style lock which secure the sliding parts into place.  A quick turn of the key and the two sides slide into each other easily coming away from the mounting brackets.

They are baked on powder coated white like your fridge and stove.  This is one of the strongest, most durable paints available.


Folding Steel Gates

These versatile door sized folding steel gates are ideal for standard door openings both residential and commercial.


IN USE                                 FOLDED AWAY

They come painted black.  Any other colour paint can be sprayed over the black by the customer.

These gates lock with any padlock.  We recommend Mul-T-Lock padlocks.  The C-Series offers a weldable hasp which completely enshrouds the padlock only allowing the bottom and the top edge of the padlock to be visible.

Storefront Window Bars

We custom make steel security window bars for your store.  Every window is different.  Our design is flexible for quick installation and strong for years of service.





It turns out that the number one entry point for a burglar is still the front door.  This is true for both homes, offices and stores.

I have always felt because the thug who must resort to burglary is not smart enough to think of another way in.

Burglars actually work for wages below minimum wage.  When all the time, cost and profit is calculated from the career of a burglar it seems hardly worthwhile.

A burglar may do over $10,000 in damage and stolen items but only receive a few hundred dollars for the "hot" merchandise.

So why do these people bother?  The number one reason given for why these thugs take your stuff is drugs.  They need $20-$30 dollars for a fix.  They do hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage just to support their habit.


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