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VIVA subscribers surge

MANAMA: More than 50,000 people have subscribed to services offered by Bahrain's newest telecom company VIVA in the last two weeks, it was announced yesterday.

"This is a very large number of subscribers and we are extremely satisfied at the response that we have received from Bahrain," said VIVA Bahrain chief executive officer Abdulrahman Al Omar.

He said thousands of people were still queuing up at the company's outlets to purchase and activate their numbers and Internet lines.

"We have already taken steps to ease the situation at these outlets so people do not have to wait for too long."

This takes the total number of subscribers to 125,000, with the company earlier announcing 75,000 people had booked their numbers prior to the official launch of services on March 4.

"This is an outstanding achievement accomplished in record time and is an important indicator of public acceptance of the company and its offers," he said.

"The feedback we have received from the customers so far has been extremely positive."

He said this has been made possible due to the company's efforts to provide the best services at the most accepted prices.

"VIVA selling points are still receiving a lot of customers to take advantage of the best offers in Bahrain, where customers enjoy fixed pricing and competitive rates."

He said the company's broadband service, the fastest in Bahrain, is attracting a lot of interest because customers can enjoy mobile, fast and unlimited Internet free till June 4.

"Customers are also now able to communicate with each other as well as with STC Saudi customers free of charge as well as enjoy massive rate reductions on international calls until June 4."

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