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What is this?

A fan made platform game made by Mikael Persson (know as Hipoonios)

The only Smurf game that exists on the Amiga is Smurf Hunt. A not so good PD/Freeware game made with SEUCK. So I made this because I thought the Amiga deserved something better than that.

This is my second game for the Amiga. I said my second game should be better than my first because it will not be created with Backbone. Well, this is also made with Backbone, but it's still better than my first game :)

I guess I could do a much better game than this, by spending more time on it. Also there are some limitations in Backbone so I could not do everything I wanted to do.

System requirements:

It should run on all Amigas with at least 4 MB of RAM. A 68030 processor or better is strongly recommended. Yep, even simple games like this requires a fast Amiga because of Backbone. UAE users should untick "Cycle Exact" and use "Fastest Possible" in CPU Tab. That will help a lot!

You can check this gameplay video and see how the game is suppose to run when you run it on a fast Amiga or WinUAE with correct settings.


Most of the graphics, sound and music in this game is not made by me. I have used tiles from Lollypop (Amiga) and sprites is from The Smurfs (Sega/Gamegear).

The cutscenes are images ripped from the real animation and converted to 32 colors. Some looks bad, sorry for that. The source I had was not the best.

Contact me:

If you want to send feedback, have problems with the game or have ideas for future games, then you are welcome to contact me.

I currently have no website, but you can e-mail or use the comments section below.

My e-mail is: (remove _cheese)


Are there any bugs? Yep, there is a few. But nothing worth to mention. All bugs are related to Backbone anyway. So nothing I can do to fix them.

How to play:

You play as Smurfette (The female Smurf) and your mission is to save all Smurfs from the evil wizard Gargamel. He have placed all your friends in cages.

You must save them all to complete the levels. When you have saved them, the game will load next level. On the boss levels you also must kill them to complete the levels.

Some Smurfs may look impossible to reach. But they are not :)
All enemies can be killed by jumping on them. Fire is not used for anything in the game.

HD Install:

Make sure you are downloading the correct version. There are two versions available. Download the LhA archive if you want to install the game on your harddrive or play it from Workbench. The floppy version uses a special format and can't be used for HD Install. To install it on harddrive, just copy all files from the archive to a directory and the libraries to libs:.


Save all the smurfs at the beginning so you don't have to walk back - that saves you a lot of time. Don't forget to pick up the presents - these gives you extra lives.


I recommend Joystick a Joypad for best control. But you can also use cursor keys. Fire is not used in the game.

Other keys:

P = Paus the game.
ESC = Kill yourself
CTRL+C = Quit the game/back to Workbench.


To all Amiga fans out there!

Final words:

Enjoy the game!
Amiga forever!
Please comment!

ADF version (Bootable disk)  LHA Archive (for HD installs)