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Gallery Closure

The Maltwood exhibition space in the University Centre is now closed, and future exhibition activity will be concentrated in the Maltwood Prints and Drawings Gallery in the McPherson Library (lower level) and our downtown Legacy Art Gallery, www.legacygallery.ca.

History of the Maltwood Collection

The Maltwood Gallery is named in memory of John and Katharine Maltwood (1878-1961), benefactors to the University of Victoria. The collection that they donated reflects the taste and travels of Mrs. Maltwood and her husband. The collection moved to its current home in the University Centre in 1978 and amalgamated with the University art collection, begun in 1963.

Holdings of the original Maltwood collection range from Chinese ceramics, textiles, rugs, 17th century English furniture, Canadian painting, and Katharine Maltwood's own sculpture and drawings. Major additions to the collection document the development of the International Arts and Crafts movement, focusing on the designs of William Morriss and his associates. The sculptures of Katharine Maltwood are permanently installed on campus, particularly in the University Club on the west side of the campus.

Students and the public with specific interests may view the collection on request to the curator. The collection is also fully documented via our online database. Learn more about the Maltwoods.

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