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Boiron’s Calendula Featured in Organic Spa Magazine

by boiron on August 1st, 2011

“America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist” Suzy Cohen isn’t the only person to recommend Calendula for treating summertime skin irritations. Check out the August 2011 issue of Organic Spa Magazine for an article called “Homeopathic Healing: The Natural Power of Calendula.” All four forms of our Calendula are mentioned—cream, gel, lotion and ointment—as well as when to use each one.

Calendula is made from a homeopathic preparation of Garden marigold, a flower used safely for generations to naturally speed the skin’s healing process. “Homeopathic calendula preparations…offer a safe and time-tested way to reap this plant’s benefits, from moisturizing to wound healing. Choose the type that meets your needs and let nature take its course,” suggests Organic Spa.

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