Suspend Your Disbelief!

Picture in your kinky mind some of the most devastatingly beautiful people you’ve ever seen, some clad head to toe in shiny latex and others wearing little else but pasties and skimpy lingerie. Amazing rope suspensions performed by some of the most artistic riggers on the East Coast; beautiful girls and sexy guys dangling precariously several feet above the ground, supported only by rope. A lush garden area filled with ferns and palms, lush seating, and kinksters at play right next to you as you enjoy your drink. Three floors of activity that make you feel like you’ve just stepped into your sexiest fantasies or the set of a Hollywood film.

Could such a place really exist?



It can, and it does! NYC’s own Fetish Tribe hosts an amazing monthly play party called Suspension, and it almost seems to good to be true, but it is! Held on the last Sunday of each month at the Delancey Lounge, near the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge, Suspension is a sophisticated yet decadent “soiree”. Last month, I attended Suspension for the very first time, and they’ve made a believer out of me! I’ll gladly be making the trek up to The City as often as I can to attend this party again!

I decided to attend Suspension with a fellow Philly kinkster and two of his relatively vanilla (but kink-curious) friends. My friend had attended Suspension multiple times before, but I had never been (despite being active in the Philly scene for awhile), and his friends had never been to a play party before. I put out feelers to friends in New York, and was directed to one of the hosts, Powder, who turned out to be a very warm and gregarious gentleman. He made me feel very welcome before we even walked in the door and was kind enough to take the time to talk with me and introduce me to some of the other members of the Tribe at the party. If you’ve never been to a Tribe party, they often encourage people to reach out to them so that they can arrange for one of their “fetish ambassadors” to make you feel welcome!

We arrived, dressed in our fetish finery, at the Delancey around 10pm. When we walked in, down a long red-lit hallway (which really set the mood), the folks at the door asked if we had ever attended Suspension before. When three of four of us indicated that this was our first time, they gave us a basic layout of the party – all three floors of it. The basement had a bar and was full of comfortable and luxurious seating (and would be the location for the Tribe Awards later that evening). The main floor featured a suspension rig, a bar, a couple of vendors, and a dance floor with a DJ who would be spinning all night. The main floor also housed restrooms and a coat check. The rooftop deck had more suspension rigs, another bar, and more seating in a verdant tropical garden. They also asked us at the door whether or not we would like to be photographed, and we were given color-coded wristbands based on our answer. Not a lot of fetish parties would do that, so it was very much appreciated, though all of us were fine with being photographed.

As we made our way through the party, we saw beautiful people everywhere. I was worried that I had overdressed in my latex miniskirt, peacock blue latex corset, and vinyl top (all from PASSIONAL!). Turns out, that I was in good company. I met a couple who had flown in from London, dressed totally in latex from Libidex. I saw another couple, who were both unearthly beautiful, who had come in from Montreal and were wearing custom-made leather pieces that they had created themselves. I saw another person covered in tattoos wearing just skintight black pants, boots, and electrical tape pasties and they were so hot that it was all I could do to stop myself from drooling. My friend was wearing his sexy vinyl Lip Service pants (also from PASSIONAL) and his friends were decked out in their own sexy black fetish-inspired outfits (including a pair of hot bondage pants borrowed from me!), and we were all at home with the rest of the party-goers. There were people in suits, some in leather, others in beautiful corsets, a few in jockstraps or lingerie, and even a couple of people in ruffled adult baby outfits.

We spent most of the evening people-watching, sitting in the comfortable seating areas and sipping our drinks (which, by the way were served by friendly bartenders at an incredibly reasonable price by NYC standards!). The Fetish Tribe awards were held that evening, and we joined the crowd in the basement for the ceremony. It was full of laughter and joking, and it was very obvious that the Tribe was a group of fun friends who loved to get together and have a great time!

There was play everywhere, but it never felt terribly formal or separate from the social aspect of the evening. On multiple occasions, people would start playing right next to us. I saw one of the hottest foot worship sessions I’ve ever seen, right next to me, and the girl having her feet worshipped even introduced herself to me and welcomed me to the party. I saw people relaxing in the rooftop garden start an impromptu and sensual spanking session. Powder himself had his shoes shined by one of the most diligent and professional bootblacks I’ve seen, on loan from her Mistress, as he was sitting near us. People would do suspension scenes on the provided frames, and they all looked relaxed and comfortable and in a state of utter bliss, floating their cares away in rope. It was a comfortable, beautiful, and relaxed atmosphere. I was able to play without feeling like I was being gawked at or like others would intrude, which let me get into a wonderful headspace. We met fascinating people and had some great conversations about both kink and vanilla topics, all while kicking back in the lap of luxury.

All four of us, kink veteran and newbie alike, had a great time. The two ‘nillas in our group were both made to feel comfortable and welcomed, considering the nerves and anxiety that often comes with one’s first play party or fetish event. Suspension really was everything I had hoped for in a fetish club event – relaxing, seductive, decadent, and full of beautiful and well-dressed kinksters at play. I would definitely attend this party again. In fact, I fully intend to. Their next event is this coming Sunday, March 27th! Interested in making the trip up to NYC to attend? You should! Be prepared to walk right into what will feel like a fantasy! You may have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.

Suspension is held the last Sunday of each month at the Delancey Lounge (168 Delancey Street). Entrance is $15 in creative fetish wear, $30 in all black, and streetwear is strictly forbidden. This month’s DJ is PASSIONAL friend Xris SMack! who has DJ’d at both Libertine and Diabolique Balls. Thank you to NYC Fetish Tribe, especially Powder, for their gracious and generous welcome!

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