January 2015
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Between Korea and Montreal

Even if it was a week ago, I feel I came here about 1 year ago. Many thing happened to me. I would’ve gotten a lot of problem and couldn’t solve these problem If I had not met kevin and anne.

The one important purpose here is to learn English. But still now, I am thinking in a Korean . . . → Read More: Between Korea and Montreal


Goodbye Korea!

It’s been nearly four months since we took a plane halfway across the world and came to this faraway place that we have called our home. It was overwhelming in the beginning but we have had a lot of great adventures here, met many friendly and wonderful people, and have enjoyed the local food . . . → Read More: Goodbye Korea!


DMZ Tour

A couple weekends ago (yeah, a little behind on the updates, we know) we booked a tour to the DMZ with Hodo Tour. Our tour included a stop-over at the JSA (Panmunjom), which makes most DMZ tours about twice as expensive as the non-JSA tours. Everything together was about $120 per person which isn’t . . . → Read More: DMZ Tour



The past weekend was our last weekend in Korea. It is bittersweet to part this country that we’ve called our home for the past 4 months, but I am excited to go explore Taiwan for the next month. We decided to explore Icheon as our last little adventure. This little city is about 2 . . . → Read More: Icheon


COEX and Kimchi Museum

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We’ve been studying hard for our exams and have finished 3, with 1 more to go. In the meantime we’ve been visiting some new places we haven’t gone to before, exploring some new restaurants near school, and stocking up on some snacks to bring back home!

In . . . → Read More: COEX and Kimchi Museum


Seodaemun Prison

Being in Korea has made me learn and realize about asian history and see how aggressive the Japanese military was. Being a North American student, we learn very little about the Eastern part of the world, we mostly hear about the Germans and the holocaust, but never about how the Japanese imperialists occupied many . . . → Read More: Seodaemun Prison


Myeongdong and Nanta Cookin’

Last weekend, a Korean friend, Joy, brought us to Myeong-Dong for the first time. It’s similar to Dongdaemun, except the stores sell mostly high-end name brands. It’s not a place to find things for cheap. It was raining very hard, so we didn’t spend that much time there, we only had supper at Myeong-Dong . . . → Read More: Myeongdong and Nanta Cookin’


International Harmony Through Culture, Art and Sports

Lately we’ve had the privilege of being able to attend two culture shows that were held in the last week. The first was at Inha and showcased the international graduate students which have come from countries such as China, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Mongolia. Each group had a different story and show; the . . . → Read More: International Harmony Through Culture, Art and Sports


Incheon World City Expo and the Blue House

Last Thursday, some organizers for the Incheon World City Expo came to Inha with some camera men and asked a few of us foreign exchange students if they could have a short interview with us for the opening ceremonies. The expo is currently scheduled to be held in Songdo new town – 3rd district. . . . → Read More: Incheon World City Expo and the Blue House


Seoul Grand Park Zoo

Last weekend, we went to Seoul Grand Park Zoo to see some wildlife and kill some time. We were hoping to see some giant pandas, but they only had the smaller red pandas. There were still a lot of cool and interesting animals at the zoo, especially the monkeys.


04-Nov-2007 11:55, CASIO COMPUTER . . . → Read More: Seoul Grand Park Zoo