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Welcome to the DAT Collaborative

The DAT Collaborative is an industry group that was created to define and submit for standardization a set of transport-independent, platform-independent Application Programming Interfaces that exploit the RDMA (remote direct memory access) capabilities of next-generation interconnect technologies such as InfiniBand, and iWARP.

Standard RDMA-capable interconnects will enable enormous improvements in the performance, scalability and reliability of data center environments. However, standard APIs are essential before these improvements can be effectively realized by data center applications. We are pursuing an aggressive schedule to define both kernel-level and user-level APIs, and are committed to work with the appropriate standards bodies to ensure that the industry ends up with consistent APIs for all RDMA transports.

In addition, a number of DAT Collaborative members are creating open source reference implementations to enable applications and upper level protocols to take advantage of specific RDMA transports as soon as possible.

New participants are welcome to join this fast-moving initiative.