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Gifts & Souvenirs
Anne of Green Gables
Austrian Crystal
Banff DVD/Book/Calendar
Banff Souvenirs
Clocks and Watches
Crystal Plates/Jewellery Box
DeRosa Collectables
Deerskin products
Dream Catchers
Handheld Selfie Stick Monopod For iPhone Samsung HTC Phone
Indian Dolls
Keith Sandulak's Bears
Lambskin Products
Mugs and Shot Glasses
Polystone Figurines
RCMP Collections
Self-Rotating Globe
Snow Globe/Ornaments/Snowflake
Suede Moccasin Shoes
Totem Poles
Traffic Sign Plates
Wildlife Plush
Wooden Gifts /Games
Godiva Specialties
GODIVA Coffee & Cocoa
Godiva Chocolates
Stone Carvings
Jade Carvings & Jade with Amethyst
Soapstone Carvings
Star Marble Carvings
Canadian Jewellery
Ammolite Jewellery
Ammonite Fossil
Canadian Diamonds
Canadian Jewellery
Glacier Pearle
Pewter Jewellery
Sterling Silver Jewellery
Gourmet Foods
Canadian Tea
Ice Wine Treats
Maple Syrup
Maple Treats
Smoked Salmon & Salmon Jerky
Snack Treats
Canadian Art
Buffalo Horn Carving
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Baseball Caps
Indian Cowichan Sweaters
Kids&Youth; T-shirts/Sweaters
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Winter Accessories
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DeRosa Collectables
Canadian Minted Watches
CITIZEN Ladies' Watches
CITIZEN Men's Watches
Canadian Minted Men's Watches
Canadian Minted ladies' Watches
Herbal Supplement
BILL Natural Sources Product
Bee Propolis
Herbal Supplements
Salmon Oil & other oil products
Corporate gifts
Ammonite Fossil

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Canada Gifts & Souvenirs

Gifts & Souvenirs Choose from a wide variety and selection of best-selling Canadian Souvenirs, Alberta Gifts & Banff Souvenirs.

Godiva Specialties

Godiva Specialties World Famous Canada GODIVA Chocolates, Gourmet Godiva Coffee, Cocoa & Godiva Chocolate Coated Biscuits. See More...

Stone Carvings

Stone Carvings Hand Carved BC Jade & Canadian Semi-precious Stone Carvings.
Stone carvings are popular gifts and reflect the spirit of Banff and it's wildlife.

Canadian Jewellery

Canadian Jewellery Ammolite Jewellery, Precious Gemstones &Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins
Canadian Ammolite jewellery, maple leaf gold coins, Canadian diamonds, watches & authentic semi-precious stones!

Gourmet Foods

Gourmet Foods Canadian Wild Smoked
Salmon Gifts and
Canadian Maple Syrup Products

A variety of wild Smoked Salmon and other uniquely Canadian Maple Syrup gourmet treats.

Inukshuk carvings & Canadian Art

Canadian Art Canadian Inukshuk Carvings & Canadian Art
Original Inukshuk carvings from natives, and original Canadian art oil paintings from Banff local artists.

T-shirts & Garments

T-shirts & Garments Banff T-shirts, Cowichan Sweaters, Polar Fleeces, Hats, and More! Banff garments make a perfect Canadian souvenir or gift for anyone.

DeRosa Collectables

DeRosa Collectables DeRosa is best known internationally for its artistic and elegant use of platinum & gold glazes in the creation of individually hand-carved and hand-painted ceramic figurines.

Canadian Minted Watches

Canadian Minted Watches World renounced Citizen Eco-Drive Watches; Licensed Disney Watches; and Royal Canadian Mint Watches. Truly Authentic; Innovative & Canadian. Our watches combine esthetic, style and history.

Herbal Supplement

Herbal Supplement Canadian Herbal Supplements
Choose from our premium quality selection of Canadian Herbal products such as Wild Salmon & Krill Oils, Bee Propolis & Marine Collagen Cremes.

Corporate gifts

Corporate gifts Wide variety unique and extraordinary selection of gifts for corporations. We provide you with extensive gift ideas to make your company event a memorable experience.

Ammonite Fossil

Ammonite Fossil

Looking for Canadian Souvenirs or Banff Souvenirs to take home as your reminder of Canada? Or perhaps you require assistance selecting appropriate Canada Corporate Gifts for your boss or coworkers? At Cascade Gifts, we are more than happy to help you find the perfect Canadian souvenir or Canada corporate gift. If shopping online through, please feel free to contact us for personal assistance, or visit our Banff gift store location in person.
Visit Our Banff Gift Store Location
Located in downtown Banff, Alberta, Canada.
Open daily 10:00 am to 8:00pm (extended hours in summer)
#131 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta, Canada T1L 1C2
Toll free Number : 1-888-762-2035(in North America)
Local Phone : 1-403-762-2035
Fax : 1-866-635-7260
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