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BE GREAT: Graduate and post-secondary opportunities!
University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix Foundation and Boys & Girls Clubs of America are collaboratively working to address the “Silent Epidemic? our nation is facing by supporting our BE GREAT: Graduate initiative.

One in three high school students, and nearly one half of all African American and Hispanic kids, fails to graduate from public high school with their class. Dropping out of high school is not a sudden event, but rather a gradual process with poor attendance and low parental involvement as clear indicators for those who are at risk for dropping out.

In addition to supporting BE GREAT: Graduate, University of Phoenix provides full-tuition scholarships each year to Boys & Girls Club professionals, alumni and Club parents. And recently, University of Phoenix began offering a reduction in tuition for Boys & Girls Club professionals nationwide to enhance their educational, professional and personal lives through higher education.

The mission of the University of Phoenix Foundation is to increase access to education, especially for underrepresented and low-income students traditionally under-served by the education continuum, in an effort to provide a pathway for economic advancement.

Age Category 13-15
46% of Club members are 6-10 years of age.