*takes a deep breath*


Wanted to end this filler week with a BANG.

At first I felt kinda bad for exploiting Luero like this… but then I realized HE WOULD TOTALLY BE UP FOR IT. So don’t blame me people, blame him. That boy has no shame.

I had A LOT of fun with this these Q&As (obviously). It’s was kinda cool being able to share with you all a touch of the multitude of brain crack that goes on in my head. I really enjoyed doing these charts and diagrams… I may even put a them together (along with some new ones I’m thinking of making) in a new section of the site that goes into more detail of the world. Would anyone be interested in something like that??

Thanks to everyone who participated!! Next Monday we’ll be picking up at the beginning of chapter 4. That’s means we’ll be back to grey-scale. While I will miss the color pages, overall it’s a bit of a relief. Coloring is HARD!!

Check out the full size version on my DA here: