Reading with the Intuitive Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The querent is interested in becoming a professional tarot reader and asked what might be holding her back, as well as some suggestions for moving in that direction.

Three out of four cards in the reading are Cups, which indicates to me that the querent's psychic abilities are strong, but that some emotional boundaries and mastery are necessary for the querent to develop in order for her to move into reading on a professional level. Each card is specifically addressed below.

Card One:    Querent at present time in terms of professional reading -- Seven of Cups

The image on this card is slightly different than the RWS version, and demands to be read on its own terms. The Intuitive Tarot Seven of Cups shows shifting waters intertwining--some are dark and in turmoil, and others are white and smoother. The water emanates from one large vessel, surrounding--but not filling--other cups, asymmetrically sized. It seems that the querent has a strong psychic well from which to draw, but she hasn't yet learned how to fill all the vessels with equal amounts of spiritual "juice." Her knowledge is diffused and she is unable to concisely and clearly express everything she knows and sees in her head. The figures that seem to look into the emotional overflow are like the odds, pulling in separate directions. Perhaps they represent a heart in conflict with the idea of becoming a professional--Am I ready? Is it right to accept money for my gift? Will I lose my gift if I "go pro"? Is this a sensible course of action? The querent needs to examine all of her opinions and especially her gut feelings on the questions surrounding this issue. It may even be wise for her to set up identifiable goals that will answer some of these questions for her.

Card Two:    Querent's strengths re: becoming a professional reader -- Queen of Cups

She is a strong empath who wants to open herself to others. Despite the confusion indicated by the Seven of Cups, this version of the Queen is no one's emotional doormat. The querent has a core deep strength. People who mistake her emotional openness as a desire to please others don't understand the enormous inner ego-strength necessary in this line of work, an ego-strength the querent has the potential to rely upon. Another strength of this card is that people feel comfortable with the querent. They recognize her nurturing, loving nature and are inclined to want to share their burdens with her. This is a good quality in a professional reader--as long as she also possesses mastery of her emotions. The querent needs to not become overwhelmed with other people's needs and desires--or opinions and beliefs, but still be open to their energies. It's a fine line to balance--but looking at this Queen of Cups, one suspects she will be able to find that balance.

Card Three:    Querent's weaknesses re: becoming a professional reader -- Six of Rods

This Six of Rods could indicate that the querent is either too confident--or not confident enough. In the first case, the querent could be more attracted to the glory of being an insightful reader and the appreciation and admiration of the people who use her services than the more heart-centered satisfaction of helping others. Because the other three cards in this reading are Cups, though, I suspect the querent could be too filled with self-doubt to promote herself in a way that would allow her to be successful. She might fluctuate between believing she is the world's greatest reader and the world's most incompetent one, depending on the reading she is doing at the time. Either way, this card suggests that the querent do some visualizations, imagining herself as a successful professional reader. What does that look like? What does that feel like? There are six steps that lead to the exultation of the figure in the card. What six steps does she need to take in order to have her moment in the sun?

Card Four:    What concrete step should the querent take next to move towards her goal -- Page of Cups

I think this card is extremely significant, in light of the Queen of Cups being in the position of the querent's strengths in becoming a professional reader. It suggests to me that the querent is not at that stage yet, but she's on the right path...and she needs to move toward the Queen of Cups even as she recognizes that right now, she's a Page. Seeing yourself clearly is the first step in accomplishing anything that involves "selling one's skills." This Page looks as if she is peering into the large and overflowing goblet that she holds. Perhaps she needs to see her own reflection? The Page is the quintessential student--what more does the querent need to learn about herself and her emotions? The answers can only be found by looking within and searching with the sharp-eyed depth this Page looks more than capable of executing...and I use that word with all its pointed implications.

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Reading and page 2004 Diane Wilkes