Interviewing At TrialPay 101

I’m thinking about applying for an engineering job at TrialPay. What are TrialPay’s engineering interviews like?

Our interviews include phone interviews– sometimes with shared Google Doc for writing pseudo-code– and in-person sessions at our Palo Alto office. You’ll meet our wonderful technical recruiter Karen Tjhan¬† and members of our elite engineering squad.

Karen T- Technical Recruiter

Please excuse her manic grin.

We’ve assembled a collection of interactive interview questions that show you how we work and provide you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills. We’ve selected our questions to test five different areas. Some questions focus just on one area; other questions cover multiple (or all!) areas.

We test for:

  • Basic Algorithms and Time/Space Complexity knowledge. Here’s a little secret: Just about nobody six months out of school remembers how to implement a Bloom Filter or a splay tree without looking it up online. This includes your interview panel. So you probably won’t get asked about these. That said, you should be comfortable with basic data structures and algorithms that show up regularly in the profession.
  • Do you like computers? If you do, then the practical knowledge you’ve acquired through playing around with the OS, tinkering on the web, etc, will shine through during your interviews.
  • Architecture a.k.a. open-ended problems. When you’ve got some architectural options, show us that you can weigh out the pros and cons.
  • Coding and Attention to Detail. Keep your cool when getting into the details.
  • Communication. Because our interviews are highly interactive, all the questions provide an opportunity for you to showcase your brilliant communication ability!

We do not test for:

  • Brainteaser solving ability. We do not like questions whose crux is a single clever flash of insight. While brainteasers can be fun, there’s too much randomness and instability in solving these for them to be a reliable indicator of professional success.

We have a high bar, and we pride ourselves on our rigorous standards. If you’ve got the right talent and passion, we can’t wait for you to join our team!

TP High

Come join our team of said esteemed engineers
PS. We don’t actually dress like this on a normal basis… this was for a themed day at work. We promise.

Curious to find out more? Come interview with us! Apply here or send a shoutout to jobs-eng[at]trialpay[dot]com

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