About us

Fotolia_20569250_Subscription_Monthly_XXLWe are a full service property preservation company. We are a one-stop shop for mortgagers and mortgage servicers to see a property through from the beginning of the foreclosure process all the way until the transfer of ownership to a new purchaser. We take a lot of the guesswork and legwork out of property preservation services, doing everything from checking occupancy, securing the property after a debtor has vacated the premises, ordering and overseeing any and all repairs, and coordinating with brokers to tackle the marketing aspects of a saleable property. All of this is handled in the most efficient, cost-productive, and fast manner to help turn property assets into profits as quickly as possible.

While First Rate Field Services may have humble beginnings, we have big aspirations. We are an industry innovator, and as we continue to expand our services throughout the nation, we are improving upon our already stellar customer service philosophies. As we continue to grow, we continue to obtain valuable information regarding specific markets, all while retaining the most qualified, professional, knowledgeable personnel in their chosen fields of practice.

We aim to continue to provide regulatory-compliant default management solutions to our clients which are designed to be customized to each of our client’s individual needs. The goal is to help our clients perfect and streamline their operations all while providing first-class service to our customers.

The property preservation industry is forever changing. We aim to remain innovative and revolutionary with our unique mortgage service solutions. With custom-designed software solutions to help promote productivity, reduce labor costs, and eliminate errors in the process. We work hard to continually push ourselves to provide the best possible service and meet every unique challenge with novel ideas and real-world solutions to even some of the most complex client needs.