Sunstroke, the first and still best iOS client for Shaun Inman's Fever°
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Sunstroke running on an iPad and an iPhone 5


Sunstroke is a project of love created by a true fan of Fever. Long before anyone had heard news of Google Reader's demise, the indie developer behind Sunstroke was using Fever as his only feed reader. As such, Sunstroke was built to take full advantage of all of the unique aspects of Fever.

Hot links? Check. Saved items? Check. Groups? Check. Mark items as read as you scroll past them? Check. Hide unread counts by default? Check. View items by feed or by date? Check. Show either the newest or oldest items first? Check. Everything you love about Fever is present in Sunstroke.

Built For Fever Lovers

Fever lovers subscribe to a lot of feeds. So, naturally, Sunstroke was designed to be fast, responsive, and stable even for users with a lot of feeds. Whereas other iOS Fever clients only sync your unread items and saved items, Sunstroke downloads every RSS feed and item on your Fever server. To keep from wasting your time, syncing occurs in the background. You can start syncing, switch to Twitter for a while, and then come back to Sunstroke after all of your new items have been loaded. In order to make syncing as convenient for you as possible, Sunstroke supports a custom URL scheme that you may use to start syncing with Fever and then seamlessly switch to another app. Sunstroke will notify you when the sync has completed.

Sunstroke running on an iPhone 5
Sunstroke running on an iPhone 5


Sunstroke is the first truly searchable RSS app for iOS. Built from the ground up for speed, Sunstroke's full-text search allows you to quickly search every item stored in its database. That includes every item in Kindling, in a group, or in Sparks. Not only that, but Sunstroke also enables you to set up saved searches that automatically update as new items are downloaded to your device. That way, you'll always be up-to-date on what people are saying about you, your favorite football team, or your favorite video game. (All users are allotted one saved search for free. However, you are able to buy unlimited saved searches across all of your devices by making one affordable in-app purchase.)

Shares Well With Others

Your hot links are hot for a reason: they are the most interesting things going on in your slice of the Internet. So, of course you want to be able to share them with your friends. Luckily for you, Sunstroke was built for sharing. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, Readability, Pocket (Read It Later), and Pinboard.

Being the product of an indie iOS developer, Sunstroke takes pains to build in support for some of the best indie apps available for iOS. You can post to using a variety of great apps, including Netbot, Felix, or Riposte. Instead of using the built-in Pinboard sharing feature, you can use Pinbook to easily and beautifully share to Pinboard. If Buffering is your thing, you can share to the Buffer app. You can also email (using either iOS Mail or Sparrow) the full text of any of the items in Sunstroke.

Sunstroke running on an iPad