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This is a print-on-demand platform where you can produce, display and sell your publication projects
online. We create a critical framework for you to distribute and discuss your work by bringing together
already existing self-publishing resources. We offer tips from experience, an ISBN and control over
your own sales.

Print-on-demand means making only what is needed, when it's needed and in the amount needed,
and allows printing from one to several hundred copies. We see this as an extension of practice,
where artists can experiment and - due to short print runs and low production costs - develop an
adventurous and inquiring creative practice.

How it works

1. You develop your book - we give you tips.
2. You decide which print-on-demand service is right.
3. Upload your pdf to the printer’s online server.
4. The printer will process, print, bind and ship to you.

5. We’ll feature your book in our online shop and at ICA London.

We are a partially funded, non-profit group, we charge what we think is a reasonable yearly
to cover costs associated with disseminating your work. If you would like consultancy or help
with the design of your book we charge nominal fees for our time.

We wish to thank Sam Ely who has kindly offered many hours of production and research
support. This is a platform that will evolve and grow...

Please read some simple terms and conditions here.