Manufacturing in New York City since 1955.
The longest lasting, most stylish salon and spa garments in the entire world.


ALDAN has been a leader in high quality and high fashion salon wear for over 55 years. 

With clients ranging from boutique salons to international spas ALDAN has stayed committed to customer satisfaction. 

Please share with us your experience with our selection of robes, capes and aprons to help new customers fall in love with ALDAN as well. 



the team at ALDAN International


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    Lew, you have the most amazing collection of salon & spa attire!

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    Devree' Kidman

    Three and a half years ago I worked for a large company, in the salon as a Hairstylist and used one of Lew's aprons, it was a demo, special order design, he created just for this company. I found his tag on the inside of the apron and was happy to see not just a phone number, but a website, also. I ordered 2 of the detatchable, "V" neck aprons. I love them and would never use anything else. These aprons are all but, BULLET PROOF!! They are amazing!!! Thank You!, LEW--ALDAN for a top quality apron, made in the USA!!! Devree' Kidman, Centennial, CO

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    I have been doing business with Lew for many year's no one has the quality like this company offer's. The customer service is excellent Lew and staff are very polite:) If you are unsure about a product Lew is kind enough to send you one to try! I appreciated that very much! BTW I did keep the cutting cape and ordered 100 of them:) Thank you Lew

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    Rick Turney

    I hate to brag about this but When I opened my salon 8 years ago, I bought 8 robes as a starter group and I know you don't want to know this but I'm still using 6 of them. Had to replace a couple of snaps, but they have held up and are still in use. You need to stop making products that last so long, though that is why I keep coming back to you for more. BTW, need a new Guido. I'll be calling you soon.

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    I found this company by reviewing others on the internet. I consider myself a serious skeptic. After reading the testimonials I decided to buy something and see if it would be worth it. I can now say that everything I have from ALDAN has out performed my expectations. I continue to be a skeptic but not with ALDAN they have more that proven themselves. Make sure you speak to Lew the Owner for his insight. Thanks Lew

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    Marcia Westerman

    Just used the Aldan Wall Street Cape 710 for the 1st time. Yet again another fine product manufactured by Aldan. This cape properly fits the clients neck and stays secure. The fabric used is heavy duty and will hold up for years to come. It is nice to find a company that still cares about the quality of their products!

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    Rick Turney

    Back when I was a baby hairdresser, a friend turned me on to Aladan Star Steak for my hilite and lolite work. I know you don't want to hear this but I have only had to replace my caps 5 times in the past 25 years and that is because people "borrowed" them and I had to replace it. Need to get a new one soon tho, cause may latest co-worker tore the rim in front and if I didn't keep two alread;y punched, I'd be freaking. Thanks for a Killer product.

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    Marcia Westerman

    Aldan Products Company,

    I am writing in reference to your Star Streak cap. Thank you for inventing such a great product. I have been in hairdressing since 1978 and over the years I have used every highlighting cap on the market. This is the best highlighting cap on the market! Only one that I will use. Of course I do a lot of foil frosting these days, but more times than not I try to use your cap, because of the following reasons:

    1. Saves an incredible amount of time compared to doing a foil frost.

    2. Fits the head properly.

    3. Easy to control the amount of hair in which to pull through, (heavy or light) also the texture of the cap makes it easy to add additional holes if needed.

    4. There is a definite advantage to using a cap over foils in that you are applying the color to the whole head at the same time which ensures a much more even color effect.

    5. Also when using bleach, opposed to color, you can apply a toner to the highlights while the cap is still on the head without having to tone the whole head as you are forced to do with a foil frosting.

    6. Can easily see through this cap to the scalp which give your better control.

    The Star Streak caps that I have been using are from the early 90's, which proves how well the hold up. I would recommend this cap over all others. My thanks to your company for inventing such a fine product!

    Marcia Westerman, Stylist Pittsburgh, PA

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    Alchemy Hair Salon

    Lew from Alden created our smoks specifically to our needs. We looked for years for the exact smok/robe we wanted and no one made them. When we finally found Alden and explained what we were looking for, Lew was excited about creating something new. This is truely a labor of love for him. Lew and his team far surpassed our expectations and now we have our own design that we can (and do) order when our business grows. These smoks are washed three times a day and it's been almost four years and they look like new.

    Corinne Gammichia

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    Wendy Gilbert

    I am a third generation salon owner. I have been in my own business for over 40 yrs. Over many years I have done business with many different suppliers... but NONE have the service and superior personal attention that Aldan has. Their Aldan Star Streak frosting cap is better than any cap I've ever used. It lasts much longer and fits the head like no other cap that I have ever found. I highly recommend it if you have not tried it. Wendy Gilbert Owner Hairbiz,Severn, Maryland August 30th 2011

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    Baden Slaon Spa Inc

    Dear Lew and Cecila,

    We are an Aveda concept Salon Spa in Burlington, Ontario CANADA. It has been 2 years since our company ordered your fantastic Peahskin products. I personally have worked in the salon and spa business for 15 years and the uniform and guest attire on the market today is less then appealing not to mention barely lasts through a few laundry cycles! Aldan's designs as well as quality of product superceeds that of their competiton (wait...I don't even think you have competiton!!)then any other product on the market. We have yet to find a superior product that we would be confortable suiting up or guests and salon spa team in. In our line of work, from bleach and colour to facial and body products our aprons still look brand new...the only reason that we are in contact again after 2 years in business is because we are growing and you have made us look so darn good every step of the way we need more aprons! (the 2 year old aprons still look brand new!) . The service has been outstanding with Aldan and we are happy to spread the word about your fabulous products. When are you opening in Canda!!!

    Thank you again for great service and hassel free busienss dealings!

    Catherine Lichtel Owner Baden Salon Spa Inc. Burliongton, Ontario

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    Alvaro Gaitan

    Dear Lew:

    I started my Beauty Supply Co. Back in 1994 in Miami,Florida and in Bogota, Colombia.South America. You were my suplier for some time and we did a fantastic business with your products do to the high quality and the inmediately aceptanse of the items by the customers. I´m back in business after a few years for healthty reasons but I´m back because is nothing else like to represent a company with exelent products,the best customer care plan and waranty on everything they sale. I´m very please that Mr. Lew have gived me the opportunity to sale his line of products again and be proud to make every presentation of his products.

    For sure that we will be with you for a long time, thank god.

    Alvaro Gaitan President Pentaplast,Inc.USA Pentaplast,Ltd.South America May 18,2011

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    Lunch Salon

    We first met Lew at the Los Angeles International Salon Spa Expo (ISSE.) We had just opened our salon and needed a client robe that made a statement of quality. Lew suggested the "Broadway" robe for it's durability, stain resistance, how the back will easily pull down for access to the nape area and overall feel of the fabric.

    We have truly been using those original robes for 8 years!!!! We placed another order in 2006 which added to our robe inventory and we just placed our third order for more robes, and Soho aprons.

    Aldan robes and aprons have saved us time and money while giving our guests a quality garment to wear while in the salon.

    Do yourself a favor and get some of these great products with your logo embriodered on them. Your guests will definitely notice and your salon will appear more professional.

    Thanks Lew for keeping your integrity by producing garments that don't simply wear out.

    Your customer for life, Albert Vergara Lunch Salon Sierra Madre, California

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    Nadine Toriello

    Just placed ANOTHER order!!

    I found Aldan at a show in Orlando several years ago and bought their Peachskin wraps and the Sexy Soho Chaps apron because they just LOOKED so nice! Imagine my surprise when I found out how GREAT they were too!

    Now, 3 or 4 yrs later I still use the first Soho Chaps apron I bought and just bought my 3rd. It just wont wear out--I know, because I wash them everyday!! I brought my oldest one to use at the school where I teach esthetics and now all of my students want one!

    The Peachskin wraps are the absolute stars though! After 4 yrs I am finally ordering more. They wont wear out, they dont discolor, you can get wax on them and it washes right out or peels off the fabric. Unlike traditional terry or waffle wraps, these are lightweight; wash and dry easily and quickly; and dont get discolored from massage oil. My clients constantly beg me to sell them...and I just might start doing that!! I just ordered 5 more...sage, brown and black. If you have a spa...these are a MUST!!! Ditch the old fashioned cotton spa wraps and get these peachskin'll wonder WHY you didnt do it sooner~ Keep up the great work'll hear again from me, very soon! All the best from Key West, FL... Nadine Toriello Spa Owner, Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Body Wrap Specialist Certified Esthetics Educator-Monroe County,FL Adult Ed Program Licensed Continuing Ed Provider-FL for Esthetics Published Author/Lecturer-Esthetics/Hair Removal

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    B.J. Medina

    Lew, thanks for the great product!! I first was introduced to Lew's chap apron at the Vegas show in '08 and was so happy to find a product that lived up to my expectation and needs. I only recently ordered new aprons as the one I purchased 3 years ago is now showing is still stain resistant and water resistant..the color hasn't faded and the stitching is as great as the day I bought it! I also wanted to not have to work with out one wile one was being laundered.

    My favorite experience is that Lew is the one who answers the phone and it is a pleasure to work with someone who takes pride in his work and his will not be disappointed in your orders with his product...please keep him in business! In our line of work, having something that lasts and that you can count on is a relief! thanks again Lew!!!

    B.J. Medina Bella Retreat Spa and Salon Fort Worth, TX

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    Thank you Lew for the great peach skin client robes they look and feel amazing just like you said they would.

    Lew thanks for all your patience and help with everything.

    Renata Kenneth Salon New York

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    Stacy Hanes

    I started wearing Aldan aprons three years ago after I saw a fellow esthetician wearing the Soho Sexy Chaps that she had purchased at a show. The same apron I purchased then is STILL looking great and I still get compliment after compliment on it. What drew me to the aprons in the first place was the great fabric and the unique designs. I needed an apron that held it's quality, didn't stain and didn't wrinkle AND looked sharp and professional on.

    In spite of how much I like the aprons and styles, Lew is my favorite part about ordering from Aldan. He always answers the phone himself and is happy to talk about his product, give suggestions and help in every way with my order. He is a pleasure to work with.

    Thank you!

    Stacy Hanes Instructor, Euro Institute of Skin Care Renton, WA

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    Crimpers Hair Salon

    I just wanted to thank Lew for the past few years of great service on an amazing product. Aldan has the BEST smocks hands down anywhere. 2 years ago we ordered smocks embroidered with our logo. They look brand new to this day. The only difference? They have gotten softer and comfier over time.

    We just placed a new order for beautiful embroidered capes and we can't wait to get them. Ordering from Lew again was a total pleasure! He is definitely a man who knows the business, loves his product and delivers with 150% service. Aldan International with out a doubt is the only place you should purchase your salon accessories from.

    Thank you so much Lew!

    Slean Peavy Owner Crimpers Hair Salon Atlanta, Ga.

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    Joanne Costa

    The soho sexy apron that Aldan sells is by far the most comfortable apron I have ever worn! Not only is the fabric beautiful, the lightness of it is amazing. You really don't feel like you have one on. All of my clients have complimented the shape, especially the V-neckline; it is extremely flattering. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that Aldan makes high quality items and it is a pleasure to wear them.

    Joanne Costa Creations Hair Salon New Providence, NJ

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    Debra Hanaway

    We here at Hip Salon have to say that Aldan capes and client robes are amazing! We have ordered them all in 2005 and the robes still look new. The fabric is amazing as they wear well and stay soft, they still look new! We love Lew as he is a total genious when it comes to designing capes. We used to go through cutting capes like crazy until we met Lew...He customizes your capes to your needs. When he suggests to put your logo or salon name on the front of the cape backwards, do it!! It is totally cool to see your client's face trying to figure out why they can read your name properly in the mirror. Our stylists deal with very sharp tools and tend to cut the capes up but when we ordered the Monte Carlo unfortunately for Lew, we don't replace the capes often. We are just now putting in an order after 5 years!!

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    Admir Tosca


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    Thanka Lew! I love my Aldan apron! I am very picky and I have been looking for a apron that was stylish and fit well and washed well. Your Aldan aprons still look great even after you wash them! Thank You!!

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    Marlys Shallcross

    Starstreak highlighting caps are the very best that I have used in thirty six years as a hairstylist. They last forever especially when they are washed with soapy water and powdered after each use. I love being able to create my own entrance holes where ever I want on the cap if I need more than the original ones. When I first receive a new cap I put it on a strofoam wig head and pre-punch all the holes. It works great. I wish suppliers would carry the caps in Illinois, then more stylists would have an opportunity to discover how fantastic they are. I love um, love um, love um. Love Marlys

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    Sooji Hartzell

    Sooji Hartzell, Sooji's Day Spa, Tacoma, WA

    I found Aldan International the year I opened at the Las Vegas Spa Show. I was just starting out and yes the prices were a little more but I have to say 8 years later I still have these beautiful robes that look new. Many of my clients love them so much they want to purchase them for themselves as gifts or for personal use. The quality and craftsmanship are exceedingly above average. I truely can't say enough about this product or company. I agree with the previous post and highly recommend them. Thank you Lew!

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    Mickey Baer

    Mickey Baer, Owner, A Matter of Style, American Salon & Day Spa, Oak Park, Illinois:

    Aldan International has made a big mistake. Their product quality is so good, our spa robes have lasted over 8 years and continue to look terrific. Our salon and day spa serves over 800 clients per week and remains very proud of the look of our robes. I feel terrible when I go to trade shows and see Lew, Aldan’s owner, only to say thank you for a job well done. Also, his aprons and smocks suffer from the same excise in excellence.

    My advice is that you should do yourself a favor. While Aldan’s prices are a little more, you get significant value. Buy Aldan’s products, be embarrassed at future trade shows, while counting your savings all the way to the bank!!

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    Keri Huse

    I just got off the phone with Lew. What an awesome guy to work with! We ordered about 35 smocks for our clients and we had our logo stitched on them and they are holding their color still after 2 years and they all look brand new. I just ordered some aprons and a couple of capes to try for this order. We have some aprons already at the salon and the color does not penetrate the fabric at all which has been a problem in the past. If you love Aldan products please tell your friends!

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    Jude's Barbershop & Doll House Hair Salon

    I would recommend Aldan International to anyone! They are really easy to work with, friendly, and accommodating.

    We use the black Wall Street capes in all of our businesses and all the stylists love them! They are made of extremely high quality, strong, durable material that stands up against constant daily use, washing, color, bleach, and look just as great today as when we first started getting them almost 2 years ago!! Even though they were more expensive than the capes we used to order somewhere else, the investment was totally worth it and I would do it again because the material Aldan uses for the wall street capes will last forever and never have to be replaced!

    When we needed different styles of kid's capes and adult aprons than what Aldan carried, Lew was happy to work with us on re-creating the design we wanted in the amazing quality material Aldan uses. They turned out even better than we expected!

    Lew has always been such a pleasure to work with....he genuinely cares about giving the best to his customers and provides that extra customer service that is missing from so many companies these days.

    We will definitely be a lifetime customer and continue to recommend Aldan International.

    Megan Clark

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    Lisa Fiorentino

    HELLO LOU!!!! Our story starts in California,while attending the ISBN (International SalonSpa Business Network)Conference,this is where we were first introduced to Lou and his amazing upscale designs. Before meeting we had been on the hunt for a stylish,sophisticated way to keep us all in sync, on the salon floor. Lou's products have not only given us just that,the material is incredibly stain and bleach resistant,and looks as new as when you first ordered it wash, after wash ,after wash. After being in business over 10 years,and dealing with a staff of nearly 300(and growing),we've tried many different companies and many different alternatives,but Aldan has by far been the BEST to work with as far as quality and customer service. I look forward to many more years with Aldan, and encourage anyone thats in the market for a GREAT LOOK to try his designs!!!! THANX again Lou ---for helping to make things look FABULOUS here at Hello Gorgeous! Lisa Fiorentino Hello Gorgeous Salon & Spas

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    Barb Gonzales

    I love my stylists aprons from aldan! I found them at the New York hair show and bought them for all my stylists. They have held up very well and are in wonderful condition for several years. We have purchased a second style the tuxedo and put on bow ties for the holidays and they were stunning. The price may be a little higher than others but worth every penny. Thanks again Barb from Hair Artistry

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    Just placed our second order with you, you have a life long customer in us. Your customer service is excellant, but more importantly your product is by far the best on the market. We are a busy, luxury salon that places a tremendous amount of stress on the material and it's held up amazingly.The look and durability has sustained for over 2 years. We have not experienced even one malfunction. You have delivered on every promise. It's refreshing to do business with people like yourself.

    For those of you that are on the fence, yes it's pricier but well worth it. You will save money in the long run and your clients will know that you stand for quality.

    Thanks Lew!

    Michael Owner M Salon

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    Simply Swank Salon & Spa

    Thanks Lou!!! We have 25 people working for our salon, and we only order your aprons. They are the best quality, and look so professional.We love the material of the apron as well. The best part is they don't stain! Love that!!! Thanks again, We will do business again soon. Simply Swank Salon & Spa

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    Jay Cohen

    Hi Lou, I've received and used the new hi-lighting caps you suggested, you were right. They are the best highlighting caps I've used and will reorder additional ones soon! Thanks for your help and advice. Jay Cohen @ Michael Hair Studio Park Slope Brooklyn NY

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    East of Eden Salon

    Greetings Lou,

    we are loving our new capes, apron and client robes! Our soho stylist capes are very cute cut and flattering with our cutom salon logo. Looking forward use them on all of our customers. Thank you Lou.

    East of Eden Salon

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    Teena Gugliotti


    Thank you for making a superior quality product. We have been wearing the Soho Short Apron in our Salon for several years now. They are adorned with our Swarovski crystal logo, and still look like we just bought them. It pays to have a wrinkle resistant, stain free apron in our busy salon.

    Also, Our students are very pleased that we have decided to include your Soho Aprons as part of their student kit. They look professional and hold our screen printed logo really well. It all started from 1 stylist wearing your apron after she bought it at the New York hair show. Luckily, you had the phone number to reorder on the inside of the apron. Years later.......... we are happy to say..........we have built a relationship with you and your team that reassures us that we are introducing our students, and stylists to a top quality product in our industry. Our motto is "Our success depends on our students success", and we know they look the part by wearing your aprons. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

    Sincerely, Teena Gugliotti International Institute of Cosmetology & Gugliotti's salon & Spa