The heart knows the path to true wealth...
Is it time to follow its guidance?


Did you know that money is a form of love?

Neither did I until I heard Lynne Twist share her enlightening wisdom in her book, 'The Soul of Money.'

Hello and welcome! My name is Patrice Robson and Lynne's words sparked an epiphany in me. I am now deeply committed to transforming my relationship with money because this truly holds the power to transform my life.

I pledge I will no longer allow money - or the lack of money - to call the shots for how I live. I'm sick and tired of having money dictate what I can and can't do because I believe:

  • I don't have enough
  • I can't risk spending what I have
  • I won't earn enough doing what I most love.
Patrice Robson


Are you upset, angry and even despairing that money rules our most important choices?

If so, please join me in exploring how to move into true wealth.

There's a surprisingly easy, nurturing and uplifting way to break free of money's deadly grip. Let's put our hearts and souls in charge so we are no longer imprisoned by fear and lack.


Applying expert guidance...

I am a senior student of Jeddah Mali (Changing the Paradigm) and a new but devoted student of Lynne Twist (The Soul of Money). With their leadership and that of others, I am travelling the path to real wealth - both financial security and deep fulfillment.

I now know, with conviction, that each of us, no matter what our present circumstances, already possesses everything we need to live rich lives.

How do we move from struggling with 'not enough' to feeling secure, confident and free?

Believe it or not, we can do this by looking at life in entirely new ways. By flipping our beliefs and habits on their heads. From those new perspectives, we can engage in new practices that nourish our hearts and souls rather than destroy them.


If problems with 'not enough' are choking the life out of you...

I invite you to join me on 'The Inner Journey to Wealth,' an online program that shares the tools to free us to live our best lives.

'The Inner Journey to Wealth' gives you:

  • A 16-page e-book entitled 'The Essential Keys to Wealth' that outlines the fundamental principles that determine whether we bring forth a life that's impoverished or rich;
  • 90 days of short, informative and inspirational emails to support you in applying the principles so you can reap their immense benefits. If we don't apply what we learn, nothing changes;
  • A new journaling worksheet every month to support you in grounding and expanding your insights;
  • Recommendations for additional resources to deepen your experience and enhance your growth;
  • A two page summary of the highlights of the e-book for easy and ongoing reference.

To support you more deeply, I will personally respond to your emails if you have questions on your journey to a new, wealthy way of living.


Life can be so much better for all of us!

When we truly grasp that our beliefs create our experience, we can begin to replace beliefs of lack and limitation with new beliefs that enrich us and our circumstances.

When we realize we are hooked by the three cultural lies of scarcity - there's not enough, more is better and that's just the way it is - we can turn to these truths:

  • We always have access to what we need.
  • We are already capable of managing our lives competently.

Discover this for yourself! Apply these principles to enrich your own life.

I am passionately committed to the truths I share in my e-book. This new approach has already brought such freedom to me. I sincerely wish the same for you.


‘The Inner Journey to Wealth’ - 90 days of guidance and inspiration - is yours for only $49. (USD) Add to Women at Heart Cart

To take your first steps to explore this unusual but powerful way to enrich your life, click here to start the program.

Questions? Please email me at or phone me on our toll-free number in N.A.: 1-877-387-8136 or 780-462-2167.

Wholeheartedly at your service,


How does 'not enough' darken your life?

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