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Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Products on Display

* Developed in 1934 - 1952
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1/2-Horsepower, 3-phase Induction Motor 1934
1/2-Horsepower, 3-phase Induction Motor

First motor produced by the company.
Electric Fan with Automatic Oscillation 1936
Electric Fan with Automatic Oscillation
(36 cm table top model)

First electric fan.
Incandescent Lamp 1936
Incandescent Lamp
(The Sister Incandescent 40 Watt and Standard 60 Watt)

First incandescent lamp.
Light Preventing Air Raid Detection 1941
Light Preventing Air Raid Detection

A special light used to prevent detection during World War II air raids.
Wireless Equipment 1942
Wireless Equipment

A special wireless equipment utilizing the company's radio technology was developed during the war.
Vacuum Tube for Telecommunications 1943
Vacuum Tube for Telecommunications

First Vacuum Tube.
Flashlight in Wooden Case 1945
Flashlight in Wooden Case

This product provided a driving force as the company returned to commercial production.
All-wave Radio 1946
All-wave Radio

First all-wave radio.
Straight Fluorescent Lamp 1950
Straight Fluorescent Lamp

First fluorescent lamp.
Agitator-type Washing Machine 1951
Agitator-type Washing Machine

First washing machine.
17-inch Monochrome TV 1952
17-inch Monochrome TV


First TV set.
[Hyper] Electric Motor 1952
"Hyper" Electric Motor

Product which led the way to development in motor production.



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