We only sell Expired Domain Traffic (Redirected traffic from expired domain names) When you purchase redirected visitors from us, we will produce a steady stream of potential customers to your website. The traffic is unique/worldwide and comes in nice and slow, not blasting in at thousands a day!

Great for SERPs, and to lower your Alexa rating.

The traffic is from Expired Domain Names, and has No Bots, PTC, Auto Surf, Pop-ups or Pop-unders.

You will be given a sign in panel that you can monitor, and start and stop your campaign, if you wish. Along with your campaign you will be able to see: Visitors Daily, Visitor Details and Visitors per Hour.
The Visitor Details show you where the traffic IP comes from and when you look it up, it produces a map of the exact location! Give it a try! You have complete control of your campaign!
When you buy website traffic from us, we simply redirect traffic from a similar domain as yours, directly to your website.We will NEVER use popups/unders.Every visitor we send to you is a REAL person that will be redirected to your website and see your website in FULL PAGE VIEW and be interested in your product or service. This is real website traffic!!

Our Redirected Traffic is up to 300% more responsive than banners, popups, popunders etc.
Traffic is not able to be delivered to sites containing the following content types:
– Url(s) may not contain any popup ads of any type.
– Url(s) may not play any sounds upon page load.
– Url(s) may not contain adult content, Hate, Warez
– Url(s) may not break out of frames.
– Url(s) may not use site rotation, redirection, or forwarding.
– Url(s) may not load virus or force any downloads.
– Url(s) may not take more than 5 seconds to load.
– Url(s) may not disrupt the traffic delivery process.

Adsense Safe, Google Analytics and other 3rd party trackers do not work well – works best with your raw hosting stats.

The traffic comes slow and steady, just as it should, not blasting in by hundreds every minute! Traffic is unique and un-targeted.
*If you place an order and it violates our TOS, there will be no refunds, and you only need to supply us with a url that conforms!

Please allow 24 hours for the technicians to approve your site usually less.