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Getting visits organically by yourself via forum postings, backlinking, mass emails can be back-breaking work.  You need many months of consistent and hard work, then HOPE that you obtain enough visibility and rankings to get people to notice.

If you need traffic to your website, we have High Quality organic website traffic that everyone, even competitors talk about.  Competitors have even tried to buy as customers to discover our super-secret source by the cpanel and referral server ID.  Unfortunately for them those are dead-ends as there are no contact details to be found there.

This website traffic performs so well we sell it in the most rigorous of testing grounds: the famed Blackhatworld forum which is populated by the Internet’s TOP SEOs, Webmasters, Marketers and operators.  We have been operating for years and have earned top-rankings there, which goes a long way in demonstrating the quality of our traffic!


It is affordable, quick and painless

Getting website hits from ads, PPCs and sponsored listings works – definitely!  Yes, but at what cost?  It is so darn competitive you find yourself making losses or breaking even at best.  That is because all your competitors are doing the same thing and pushing the click rates to ridiculous levels you wonder how they ever make money.  Actually some do because they use loss-leaders, i.e. they just want to generate leads to feed into their sales chain email programs.  If you don’t have that advantage you are really stuck in the mud.  Until now that is…

Get your website hits coming in within 24 hours.  Its 24 x 7.  Yes!  We work during the weekends AND holidays to serve you.


Jump-start your sales and rankings fast

The response rate for our traffic has been proven to be 300% more responsive than pop-ups, pop-under’s and banners.  Our traffic is organic and random.  If you have a new website and want to drip-feed your website with high quality visitors without having issues with the search engines and ad networks – this is a wonderful source of traffic.


Choose From 6 Affordable Packages

What better way to get sales, click-thrus, improve your rank in the SERPs, and improve your Alexa rankings in such a low cost method than this?  With our top package, 1 visitor only costs you $0.000825.  What would it have cost you to get 1 visitor via any other means?  $2.00 per visitor from PPC?


Terms Of Service

Url(s) may not contain any popup ads of any type (including exit prompts, top frames, fly-in ads, layer ads)
Url(s) may not play any sounds upon page load. If you need that you need our Premium Traffic > click here.
Url(s) may not contain adult content. If you need that you need our Premium Traffic > click here.
Url(s) may not break out of frames.
Url(s) may not use site rotation, redirection, or forwarding. If you need that you need our Premium Traffic > click here.
Url(s) may not load virus or force any downloads.
Url(s) may not take more than 5 seconds to load.
Url(s) may not disrupt the traffic delivery process.
No Ezinearticles, Squidoo, YouTube, Facebook pages allowed.

By using our services, you acknowledge that you understand, agree to and abide by our Term of Service above and the full text of which can be found here.

Note: if your website has sound, adult content or has a URL which uses rotation/direction/forwarding and if speed and constant campaign adjustments are important to you – then you will need our Targeted Traffic Packages.  Click here.


Lets hear it from our fans

“I’m glad I was able to find this traffic service. Excellent customer service A++++ and very professional. This traffic service has absolutely no downtime and probably one of the best when I’ve had occasional issues with other traffic services provided here on Blackhatworld forum. Also, this is google adsense safe and I can confirm this. I’ve used this on my sites and I’m receiving my check (in processing) within the next week or so. This is 100% safe.”- Ed4252, BHW
 “My hat is off to Get Website Traffic, I have an Adsense site and have been looking for traffic that could be used to increase my rankings,without the appearance of buying clicks. I needed this traffic to be real people, just like my organic traffic.web traffic steveI am thrilled to say that after 2 orders of traffic from GWT, my CTR and bounce rate have not changed.I can only conclude that this traffic is real people, and they have not been told to click on any ads, a critical part of being safe for an Adsense site. I have had no problems and have received checks from Adsense using this traffic.This traffic has had a dual affect on my site. I am making more money from the site even though the CTR is still the same because more visitors are seeing my site as a result of a rise in the ranking of a variety of keywords. I have also gained between 25 to 40 new visitorseach day in organic traffic, compared to before.”- Steven DeBardelaben,
“When I bought this traffic package, I’ve seen a big change in my Alexa Ranking, it really gone better. I started to get visitors about 100 a day and I am receiving leads from my website. I also noticed that my PR also increased and that my SERPs with Google and Yahoo search engines keep on improving. If you want to get a big difference with you site, you better use this traffic package now at a very affordable rate but really works perfect. So I am planning to use this package again.”  – Nest, Boracay, Philippines.
“I have worked with many traffic and lead-generating services; GetWebSiteTraffic.Org surprised me with their very pro-active support and excellent response times. There are REAL people behind the service, making sure that the traffic and links are created. Another cool feature is the control panel to monitor how the campaign is performing. Just awesome!” – Marc Logarich,
“I’ve been buying this service for months now and it’s done wonders for me. OP is a real nice guy, and is willing to help me with all of my questions as well as hooking me up with offers. The traffic shows up on my Awstats, and Webalizer, as well as analytics, so I’m happy about that. Alexa rank is better as well too :PAll in all, this has been my favorite traffic service, though the ONLY thing I don’t like is that you can’t control how many visitors you get**. It doesn’t matter though, cause I know it’s real, since some of them clicked on my adsense ads and I’ve profited XD” – Sonokai,
Improve Website Traffic“After… traffic began to flow to my sites and the numbers where in, I knew I had made the best decision for my business…”
“Honestly, as a small business owner with a tight marketing budget, I was a bit skeptical about buying traffic for my new travel blog and company website and even more skeptical about Getwebsitetraffic’s ability to deliver such high quality and targeted traffic at such reasonable prices… there are so many scams out there; but after the traffic began to flow to my sites and the numbers where in, I knew I had made the best decision for my business, my conversions are now higher than they have ever been and that is due in large part to Getwebsitetraffic. Couple this with their prompt and effective customer service I am already making plans for my next round of traffic from Getwebsitetraffic.”
-Mark Harris, Owner, Flossy Inc., Amsterdam
“I just want to give feedback on Getwebsitetraffic.I use Paid traffic sources daily and I’m always looking for new traffic reputable sources. I use very expensive Google AdWords, BING & Facebook down to budget “test” gigs from Fiverr.
We all know what AdWords and the likes cost a fortune, are picky and problematic. I’ve used several Fiverr gigs and tracked their traffic – 99% of it were bot generated (not real visitors).I came across these guys here and decided to give them a test run with 20,000 targeted visitors to a low earning Adsense site I’ve had since 2005 in the “Auto” market targeting UK visitors.Honestly, I didn’t expect much. I thought it’s another bot scam. My CTR has never been great on the site, and to tell you the truth, I’ve tested and tested but never seem to get much above 1% on the organic traffic I already had.Upon ordering this service I expected it to drop drastically, as bots aren’t humans, and they don’t click. Yes, I risked my Adcenter account with the test.But – traffic increased, dramatically. The CTR remained constant and even though it’s not going to make me rich, it’s more than doubled my earnings from the site.
I’ve just renewed for a 50,000 visitor package it’s that good, and worth every penny! The traffic they provide are real visitors and the clicks are counted.I’ve been running Getwebsitetraffic to the site for over 2 months without issue. In my eyes, that’s a good enough test
I give them a full 10/10 for support and their traffic, and will be looking into driving traffic to more sites very shortly!You guys rock!”- Mark Acutt,


web traffic peter does

Natural Looking Traffic From Real Human Visitors

“As a startup website, there are a million things to do leaving little time to go through the endless SEO and SEA and promotion options to make the website gain some attention.Luckily we came across GETWEBSITETRAFFIC.ORG who provided us with fantastic solutions to kickstart  our traffic flow, without all the headaches of search engines and advertising and at a fraction of the costs of hiring a SEO/Ad expert.

The packages allowed us to really dial in what kind of traffic we want and how much of it we want to see delivered daily, making the traffic overview look natural rather than a sudden peak.
We were so satisfied with the traffic packages that we will continue to work with GETWEBSITETRAFFIC.ORG throughout the next phases of our website development.”

– Peter Doesburg, Social Media Strategist @ SeventeenThirty



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(** note on testimonial: to control traffic you will need targeted traffic here)

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Targeted Web Traffic Offer


2,500 Website Visitors

organically “drip-fed” over 4-5 weeks (est)*

  • Please enter your URL (mandatory)
  • Price: $4.50



5,000 Website Visitors

organically “drip-fed” over 5-6 weeks (est)*

  • Please enter your URL (mandatory)
  • Price: $6.00


10,000 Website Visitors

organically “drip-fed” over 6-7 weeks (est)*

  • Please enter your URL (mandatory)
  • Price: $9.90



20,000 Website Visitors

organically “drip-fed” over 7-8 weeks (est)*

  • Please enter your URL (mandatory)
  • Price: $17.50



50,000 Website Visitors

organically “drip-fed” over 8-9 weeks (est)*

  • Please enter your URL (mandatory)
  • Price: $42.50



100,000 Website Visitors

organically “drip-fed” over 10-12 weeks (est)*

  • Please enter your URL (mandatory)
  • Price: $82.50




Our Organic Website Traffic is redirected traffic from expired domains; these are visitors who visit our expired domains and their numbers greatly fluctuate from day to day in a very random sort of way.  After all this is unorganized human group behavior.

New campaigns like yours get plugged into the traffic distribution system and at first there are only a few “plugs”.  Please note that the numbers in the first few weeks can be very low.  Then as other older campaigns from other clients are completed, their plugs are directed to your campaign – the net effect is that your website traffic will accelerate.

It is not by a simple formula say 100,000 divided by 12 weeks = 1,190 visitors per day.    The traffic comes in at a non-uniform way; some days its high some days its low but the net effect is faster traffic flow as your campaign matures. Your traffic will pick up week by week in an accelerated fashion.

Please note that the “weeks” are estimations based on averages of prior campaigns – it is entirely possible your campaign may not be completed in that time.  We ask for your kind patience if an extra week or two is required.

If speed is a concern to you – you will need our Premium Targeted Traffic > click here.

Get Targeted Traffic



Disclaimer: while our traffic has converted for customers and many have kindly come forward to provide testimonials, obtaining results and profits using our traffic cannot be guaranteed.  It will depend on a lot of factors including the way your website is setup, your offers as well as the traffic matrix you are choosing.  We provide highly responsive customer support and will help you find the best possible solutions failing which we will be sure to get you remedies including refunds for credits unused and equivalent-value service exchanges that we are confident that you will be satisfied with.  Note that many of our clients who succeed with our traffic may have done so after testing and tweaking their websites and our traffic specifications.  Earnings indicated in the testimonials cannot be used as guarantees or indications of the results you will get.  Results will vary for website to website. We provide real visitors and have many customers who obtain results but we need to stress that this is not a get-rich-quick avenue.   Our services are for serious Internet marketers who want to explore workable methods for monetizing their web ventures and understand that as with all methods, a certain degree of testing and tweaking is required without the absolute guarantee of success.