What is Mustard TV?

Mustard TV Ltd is Archant’s new broadcasting division, which was awarded a local TV licence in September 2012. Mustard started broadcasting on Freeview, channel 8 on March 24th 2014.

Mustard Online brings you the latest local video news and features about Norfolk and Norwich; its people, places and communities. Video stories you probably won’t find anywhere else created by our own talented team of producers, presenters and videographers and by local contributors. We want to bring you the best in Norfolk news and sport, give you the latest travel and weather updates, showcase the best property on offer and feature places to go and things to do across the county.

We want this to be your web TV station with content influenced by you. If you have a story to tell, think you have a great idea for a content feature or series, from gigs to comedy, history to arts and culture you can contact us here

Norfolk is a place for many wonderful things. Mustard will be one of those.

Why is it called Mustard?

Jeremiah Colman, of Colman’s Mustard fame, was one of the original founders of Archant. We liked the name and the many things it stands for: -

Mustard is a word with different meanings. It is something spicy, tasty, sharp and with a number of varieties. It’s a condiment, something to add to make food more interesting. It definitely isn’t bland. It is slang for something fantastic; the bee’s knees; something that amazes you.