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In publishing the slush pile is the place where unsolicited manuscripts dwell until some underpaid and overworked junior reader gets to them. If a manuscript catches the reader's eye it may get referred to an editor and considered for publication. Or it may be discarded, with (or without) a rejection letter.

On Baen's Bar we enjoy the benefit of reading each other's contributions to the pile. Submissions frequently get lots of comments and reader feedback.

A story that attracts a lot of attention and positive comment from the barflies MAY be recommended to an author or editor.

The nature of the bulletin board software upon which Baen's Bar runs is that older submissions tend to filter down out of sight, so we have preserved some of them here. We also have factual articles and FAQs documents gleaned from the discussion on 1632Tech for reference.

Take Note: These are the equivalent of "unedited first drafts". For final, canon versions you will need to read the Grantville Gazettes, available from Baen Books (dead tree version) or from (ebook).

If you would like to have your article or story added to this collection, send us a copy at

Note: This is NOT an alternate way to submit a piece for consideration by the editors. Stories should be submitted the regular way to 1632 Slush on for critiquing by the Bar. (See "The Rules")

Published: These early drafts differ SUBSTANTIALLY from the published versions of the stories. They are preserved here so that Prospective 1632 authors would be well served by reviewing just how much change there is in some of them.
Bad, Bad, Brillo Ballet Brillo Kerryn Offord1634: TRR
Bad, Bad, Brillo Brillo Paula Goodlett1634: TRR
Brillo and the Badger Brillo Stanley Leghorn1634: TRR
Canst Thou Send Lightnings Rick BoatrightGG6
The Chessmaster Essen Steel Kim MackeyGG7,GG8,GG9
Dice's Drawings Dan RobinsonGG4
Family New John Zeek1632RPG
Herr Doktor Gribbleflotz Rick BoatrightGG7
The Jews of 1632 Douglas W. JonesGG6
Lena Paula Goodlett1634: TRR
Magdeburg Marines (Ch. 1-9) Josť J. ClavelGG4
The Merino Problem Paula Goodlett1634: TRR
Ounces of Prevention Kim MackeyGG5
Poor Little Rich Girls Paula Goodlett & Gorg HuffGG4
The Return of Brillo Brillo Kerryn Offord1634: TRR
Save Her Paula Goodlett1634: TRR
Schwarza Falls Douglas W. JonesGG5
Times They Are a-Changing The Suhl Incident John Zeek1634: TRR
When Annie Met Brillo Brillo Stanley Leghorn1634: TRR
FAQs: Articles about the "1632" historical milieu, technology available to the Grantvillers, the skinny on Mannington and stuff. Some have been turned into articles for the Gazette. There are more FAQs in the 1632Tech section.
163x Polish Titles Piotr Konieczny
All Gods Chilluns Got Shoes Charles Dohogne
Blood Typing and Transfusion Danita Lee Ewing
Essay on Cartographic Accuracy Christopher J. Smith
Flammability of Wooden Ships and the use of Incendiaries against Them New Eric Anderson, ed
Glassmaking in 1632 (FAQ) Iver Cooper
Grantville Firearms Inventory Michael Garrity
Mannington Demographics (pdf) Wood Hughes
Money and Exchange Rates Francis Turner
Radio FAQ Part 1 — Spark and Crystal Radios Rick BoatrightGG1
Radio FAQ Part 2 — Radios and Hams Rick BoatrightGG1
Radio FAQ Part 3 — RF Environment Rick BoatrightGG1
Radio FAQ Part 4 — Vacuum Tubes Rick BoatrightGG1
Radio FAQ Part 5 — VOA Rick BoatrightGG1
Ring of Fire and the Money Supply Sarah Wendell
Thorium Process Charles Dohogne
Transportation Cost FAQ Iver Cooper
Tungsten Charles Dohogne
White Gold Kerryn Offord
Why Airships Make Sense Charles Prael
Non Canon Fancies: Sometimes a story must be told that just doesn't fit into Eric's Plans. Like these.
Alpha Strike Josť J. Clavel
CYCLOPS New Josť J. Clavel
Flight 19 to Magdeburg Update: 2006-01-08 Josť J. Clavel
Fourth of the Ninth New Josť J. Clavel
Many Halves in Grantville New Gary Jordan
Slush: these stories haven't been selected for publication. They haven't not been selected. Some may move up. Or maybe not.
4H Club Meeting Charles Dohogne
Balloon Boy Stanley Leghorn
The Beginnings of Steel Ulrich Schlegel
The Bet New John R. Johnson and Jose J. Clavell
Big Gamble Russ Rittgers
The Brickworks Kerryn Offord
Bridge over Troubled Waters Charles Dohogne
Brillo's Little Red Rider Brillo Kerryn Offord
Build a Better Mouse Trap Charles Dohogne
The Buoy Boys Jason Cordova
A Business Lunch at the Gardens John R. Johnson
A Business Proposal at the Gardens John R. Johnson
Capacity For Harm New Richard Evans
Changing of the Guard New John R. Johnson
Checks and Balances Kim Mackey
Chicken and the Egg Charles Dohogne
Chip's Story - The Beginning Russ Rittgers
Christmas Paula Goodlett
A Conversation The Gun Group
Courier, Tailor, Apothecary, Spy Kim Mackey
David vs _______ Charles Dohogne
A Day in the Life of a Librarian New John R. Johnson
Digging In, Digging Out New Vernon Nemitz
Fast Food Charles Dohogne
First Interim Report Charles Dohogne
First Patrol New John R. Johnson
Flat Lands John R. Johnson
Freedom Journey Jason Cordova
The Governor-General Kim Mackey
The Grantville Ram (a song) New Roberta Rogow
Greetings New Mike Watson
Greetings Update: 2007-07-29 Mike Watson
Guilds and Unions Stanley Leghorn
Gun Selection Committee Report Charles Dohogne
Guts and Bone Charles Dohogne
Hagen Filss John Zeek
I'm A Working On the Railroad New John R. Johnson
Immigrants New Vernon Nemitz
In for a Penny, In for a Pound New Kim Mackey
Lem's Lads and Ladies Charles Dohogne
Lem's Lamentations Charles Dohogne
Life Goes On New John R. Johnson
The Long Rifle Kerryn Offord
Mary Pat's Story -- Beginnings Josť J. Clavel
The Minstrel Boy John Zeek
Murray's Raiders John and Patti Friend
A New Business Proposal New John R. Johnson
A Noble Decision Jason Cordova
On Wings of Eagles (Pt. 1) Charles Prael
One Day at a Time John Friend
One Fine Day John Zeek
Papa Troll John & Patti Friend
Pat's Letters John Zeek
A Political Meeting Update: 2005-12-18 John R. Johnson
ROF-2 Vernon Nemitz
The Race for Rubber Kerryn Offord
The Race for Rubber 2. A Beacon of Hope Kerryn Offord
The Race for Rubber 3. A Piece in Our Time Kerryn Offord
The Race for Rubber 4. The Famine of '34 Kerryn Offord
Richelieu's Raiders Kerryn Offord
Roger Rude, the Collected Works Kerryn Offord
School Board Meeting Notes Charles Dohogne
A Short Business Trip in Germany New John R. Johnson
A Simple Matter of Revenge Jason Cordova
Sound Advice New John R. Johnson
A Square Dance John R. Johnson
Steel Working Equipment Charles Dohogne
Survivors John Zeek
U. S. Steel (14 Monthly Reports) John G. Leggett
We Also Fight Kerryn Offord
The Wild Card Update: 2006-02-05 John R. Johnson and John Friend
A Wind Among Grass Kim Mackey
The World Turned Upside Down Update: 2006-11-05 John R. Johnson
Yo Yo David Wilkin
Zack's Lady John Zeek
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