How to reload Zsh config

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself making small tweaks to your z shell config fairly regularly. Read on to find out how you can automatically reload your .zshrc whenever you save it.

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So long, Skitch! It was nice knowing you.

I’ve used Skitch for a long time, and for the most part I loved every minute. But then they moved everything over to Evernote and things took a turn for the worse. In the end I couldn’t use it at all, instead having to find my own way of annotating and sharing my screenshots. Read on to find out what fixed it for me… (and no, it wasn’t a certain Savile).

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How to use Blade in CodeIgniter (and just about any PHP (un)framework you can think of)


Update (14/04/2013): While this worked awesomely when I wrote it in December, that was a long LONG time ago in Internet years. Blade has since moved to another repo and the codebase has changed dramatically, so the details on this …

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Automatically adding RSS feeds to Google Reader

Add to Google

If you use Google Reader, you might find yourself seeing this choice screen a lot. Thankfully though there are ways to avoid it for those of us that only use Google Reader, rather than adding feeds to your iGoogle Homepage. …

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What bugs me about MODx, and why

Learning Curve for Popular CMS

I tweeted earlier saying I’d had enough of MODx, was never gonna use it again, and that it was a “pile of fricken shite”. The second part isn’t strictly true as I’ve still got a client that worships it, but …

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