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08 DEC 2014

Tyrolean to merge with Austrian Airlines next spring

Austrian and Tyrolean will merge operations next April with some 3,200 flight attendants and pilots transferring from Tyrolean to Austrian Airlines.

Flight operations will be integrated into Austrian Airlines, and about 150 station employees in the federal provinces and 30 employees in the flight operations administration will switch over to Austrian Airlines.

The merger of the two companies will take place on April 1. However, formal approval by the respective corporate bodies is still pending. “We consider this merger as a sign of conciliation and as a starting point for a new Austrian Airlines as well. The new Austrian unites the company under a common roof housing a regional and intercontinental airline. And it is going to fly higher and farther,” says Austrian Airlines CEO Jaan Albrecht.

A different approach will be taken with the Technik facility in Innsbruck. The facility will be transferred into a separate company called Tyrolean Airways Luftfahrzeuge Technik GmbH. This independent subsidiary will become effective March 1. About 120 employees will be working in the technical services area in Innsbruck.

Austrian Airlines employs 6,200 people. The fleet consists of 80 aircraft, which serve about 130 destinations from its airport hub in Vienna.

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