About Autocar

At Autocar®, building trucks and designing the best tools in the industry isn’t just what we do - it’s our way of life. We could say a lot of fancy things about our research and technology. We could talk about our experience. We could tell you about our customer service. It’s probably what you’re expecting - but you’ll find all that on our other pages. We’re not here to rest on our laurels. To truly understand Autocar, all you need to know is that we’re 100% niche application-focused because we know you are, too.

Our Promise

  • Provide products that deliver the best value.
  • Provide the best service.
  • Provide a complete solution for our customers’ needs.
  • Do the work right the first time.
  • Act proactively, timely, and with simplicity.

Always Up


“Always Up®” isn’t just some fancy promise – it’s a state of mind. It’s what you want. It’s what we live. Who’s up first in the mornings? The sun. The early birds. The hardest workers. And the hardest working trucks.

Always Up® refers to:

  • How hard your truck runs - These trucks are built for severe conditions and spec’d for your application and climate. Go ahead – try to out-perform this truck.
  • How hard you work - A lot of us started our first jobs on the back of a truck. We know what it’s like and we know what you need out of a truck.
  • Our customer service - Uptime is a big deal for us. That’s why we want you to contact us first when you need help. Our web-service for logging issues or getting info is available 24/7.
  • Our support for you - We don’t stop working for you after your truck rolls off the factory floor. We’re a constant resource for the life of the truck.

“Always Up®” is a mutual goal. You want a tool you can rely on and we work tirelessly to make sure it’s there for you.

A Rich History Of Autocar Trucks