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Brewis One Name Study 

WELCOME to our study of the surname BREWIS (without the FISH


ANNOUNCEMENT - January 2013:

I am sorry to tell you that Dorothy Harris (nee Brewis), passed away on 31st December 2012.
Dorothy spent over 15 years researching and documenting the BREWIS Family across the UK and
other countries and is the owner of the Brewis One Name Study. She made many friends through her
research, and helped many connect the dots. Our intent is to come to a finalisation of her work in 2013
for publication. To this end, we encourage you to continue to contribute and share information.

I will keep working on the Brewis One Name Study in her memory, and all contact details
remain unchanged. 
Dorothy's daughter will assist, and has an interest in the Brewis name in Australia.
We will continue to work on the tree once it is published.

If you are interested in a Brewis Reunion in 2014, please let us know.

She was an amazing Wife and Mother and is dearly missed.

Tony Ralli
PO Box 9158
Deakin ACT 2600  Australia

Picture logo for the Guild of One-Name Studies. Tree in a crest with web-site address below.The AIM of this site is to provide information that will link all known people born with the name BREWIS.

The PURPOSE for doing it is to share my research in the hope that it will allow others to find their ancestors, and by sharing their ancestral information with me, to thus add another twig to the BREWIS tree.  If this leads to enough people being found to start a ONE NAME STUDY SOCIETY so much the better.

 The BREWIS name originated in Northumberland, England in the 16th Century.

The database includes people principally from the United Kingdom, but also United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada and South Africa. This web site will evolve as time and expertise allow.

Acknowledgment.  This data on this site includes collective research and work of many people, without whom it would not be possible.  Some of the people such as Maxwell Wood, and other indexers, are now dead, but their work lives on and is used by many grateful people.  Other are still living and very actively pursuing the search for their ancestors.  Why not join us?

Please Note:  I do not offer any guarantee about the information on this site or the relationships indicated.  Most of the research I have done myself, and for my own ancestors I have sighted the documentary evidence, some is collated from published indexes, and some has been contributed by other people. 

Use it as a guide only for your own research.

Contact us:  brewis@one-name.org           Hit Counter

Website created in 2006 and maintained into 2013.... please let us know if you find errors, want to make suggestions for improvement or even to tell us you found what you were looking for.