the company

Spatial Collective Limited is a Nairobi-based social enterprise that uses Geographic Information Systems for community development. Through data collection and visualization, we support communities to identify available resources and apply this knowledge in development initiatives. We work with myriad actors, including local residents, governments, non-governmental organizations, small businesses and research institutions. Our collective expertise lies in community organizing, participatory digital mapping, web-based mapping technologies, and data collection and communication. We implement projects that build the capacity of local institutions, and advise organizations on the effective uses of digital maps.  


our approach

Spatial Collective provides comprehensive solutions for producing, managing and visualizing geographic and other information. Through data collection and visualization, we support companies, organizations and communities to understand available resources, current and future needs, trends and solutions. Our platforms connect multiple users to information through existing communication channels and the use of innovative technology and up to date community development techniques.

Our Services

Data Collection

Citizens are experts in their own communities. The process of locally-led data collection is a powerful tool to address local issues. This process is used to empower collective action and develop insights that would be impossible using other means.

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Data Visualization, Communication & Analysis

We work with your existing data sets and help you determine and collect any additional data you need. Once your data set is complete we help you visualize it to make the best use of your information. Our visualizations are completely dynamic so as your organization evolves and your data changes so does your understanding. In addition, we make it easy to drill down to understand specific areas or subsets of your data.

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Community Engagement

Communities are organized entities which rely on and are, to a great extent, built on connections or relations between its members. The word community itself means an organized, shared life; people living in an organized fashion. Since power is a relation among people, Spatial Collective aims to understand these connections and with it power relations at all levels, ranging from citizens, to local service providers, private companies, local government, and state and non-state actors.

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