Jag Singh found a Fake Zakk Wylde in the UK

screenshot from Jag. screenshot from Jag.

Jag sent a brief email about the Zakk Wylde Les Paul he saw for sale in the UK. Luckily, Jag checked out the axe before jumping in with a bid.

Thanks for saving me! Almost panicked thinking I had managed to beat other bidders on a quick sale (thinking/hoping they hadn’t noticed it!). I’ve cancelled my bid and saved the heartache.

Here’s some pics:

Zakk Headstock

A classic example of a fake Zakk Wylde Les Paul Headstock. The serial number is completely wrong and would not have as many numbers, or be stamped into the headstock like a standard guitar serial number, these are supposed to be custom shop models.


Jags Zakk Find

Note the one piece neck, a genuine Gibson Custom Shop Zakk Wylde Les Paul would have a three piece neck.

More information on fake Camo Zakk Wylde Les Pauls can be found on this previous inclusion on Fibsons.com